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A "No Inspiration" Day

We all have days like this; when we don't feel (or want to feel) inspired and motivated. When nothing can cheer us up, when smiling seems to be the hardest job on earth, when all we want to do is; "sit near the window and continue looking outside, without anyone or anything interrupting us." Yes, it was a bad day for me. I didn't feel inspired to do anything or even see anything. Unwelcomed worries and thoughts kept entering into my day, and I was feeling terribly helpless. My mind just went blank. It's very possible that it was because I had a million things on my mind, and everything seemed falling apart. 

But I couldn't have let this day go just like that! After all, it was another beautiful day in my life. So I had to do something to make it to myself. 

How hard you try, but such unforeseen circumstances will keep interfering in our lives. So hard to accept, right? But this is true. Do not beat yourself up by asking; "why me?" You still doesn't know many things about people around you (some who are even closer to you).  They are also fighting their battles. So does this give you a sigh of relief? Yes, it makes me feel better too! But be prepared for such days in your life. I am not a born positive person (nor does it mean I don't have problems in my life), but over the time, I have practiced staying positive; and that has helped me in several ways: at least to stay calm in such unfavorable circumstances. Trust me, I am still getting at it- a work in progress. But every time I feel miserably down, I try looking around and find some (any, may be) inspirations to pick myself up back to normal. Many a times, things don't work; but I don't stop trying.
I am glad I found my "doses of inspiration." 

I would like to share few powerful, positively motivating quotes that helped me to get over all my worrisome thoughts, and do something good today-for myself. I have saved them, hanged, clipped, and have pinned them everywhere; I thought I could see them all-day-long. So here's my collection of those strong powerful messages and affirmations. I am going to read them every single day. Hope they are helpful to you too!

Do you find any of these to be strongly inspiring or motivating? Do let me know in the comments below. 


  1. I definitely feel this way sometimes, thanks for posting about how to get your motivation back!

    Mary Kate

  2. Great inspirational read!
    I loved the photos/memes as well, I definitely going to steal one or two ;-)

    / Alix N,

  3. Love all these fabulous quotes! Great inspo!


  4. Super motivational quotes ;)

  5. Ugh, when that day comes. I used to fret. Not anymore though. I just browse some good reads to find inspiration, watch a movie, play with the dogs. Or sleep or eat. :)

    Love those quotes.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you. <3
    - Lianne |

  7. Epsita, I love quotes, I share them everywhere and I get motivated by them all the time. You are so right that no one has it easy and it is not simple to stay positive all the time but we need to work at it daily... just know we are all here for you too xox

  8. The post is fantastic! I love it:)

  9. Love the second to last one! Great blog post girlie.

    XO, Jessi

  10. Great post! Love it.

    Camy xx


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