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All About "Being You."

I know I have been quiet irregular in posting from past couple of weeks. Sorry about the gap without any notice; but I have had been so busy with kids and family that I almost had to let go everything else- at least for sometime! It was easy for me to sacrifice my reading and writing time, sleep time, and any other self care rituals- I usually do to take care of my mind, body and health. 

Despite all of your efforts, you may still feel sometimes that you aren't enough, and you still aren't the person you know you should be. I was so caught up in keeping myself busy; that I was afraid I had to let go too many things. But not being available to my kids and husband would be the last thing on earth I would ever do! They need me and my time- as family time is the most wonderful gift you'll give yourself and to the society. "My kids are growing so fast, and I never want to miss these moments- rather be there for them all-the-time."

I want to very honest in telling you th…

13 Favorite Ways To Spend Time Alone and Be Happy

Being lonely and happy at the same time may sound little intimidating,but it can become the "best possible experience" (s), once you know how to enjoy your alone time. Solitude can be a hard choice when forced, but when you make a joyful choice to be alone, then "solitary life" gets a new definition- a more joyful explanation, may be!
Lately, when I was thinking deeply about, "how to begin this post;" I came across this beautiful quote by my favorite author: Robin Sharma. He somehow reads my mind :)....and never fails to inspire my soul.
Spending time all by yourself quiet often is as important as having a "good" night sleep. When life feels a little heavy; and you don't seem to feel inspired and or impressed- take a break and walk into the silence around you. This is one of the best ways to embrace the silence within you. We are often so distressed by the things happening around us, that we are very likely to lose ourselves in the chaotic dra…

4 Must-Do Things To Stay Motivated Every day

'M' for March; and 'M' for Motivation. Let's make March the "month of motivation." Collect your motivation mantras to survive those worst days.
We all need that "kick of motivation," everyday to jump start our day. A little sprinkle of motivation at the beginning of your usual everyday tasks, or before trying out anything new; can make you more productive, happy and grateful each day! Things that you have had been doing on a daily basis: for days, weeks, and months together; can make you feel bored and unmotivated; so it is important to stay focused and feel inspired to carry on your routine works- happily.
Motivation is that "magic" that can help you push yourself ahead of those rough paths in life, career, and choices. It is important to have that "can-do" energy all-the-time; whether while doing your chores, or meeting deadlines. Your energy can drive your enthusiasm to reach for possibilities and success; at work or at &quo…