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April is for 'Awesomeness': 10 Ways To Make Your Life Awesome

Before I say goodbye to April, I wanted to write two more posts; but unfortunately I'll have to let go:( But still I've too many awesome things to share that happened this month. If you have read my posts in March, you know that March was the 'month of motivation' for me. And April is for Awesomeness. I know I should have written this post at the beginning of April; but if you are okay with me to read this now and feel awesome about your life; then come along:) So far; April has been my favorite month of this year, especially because I hate winter days except for the fact that I get to photograph snow and ice around and I love layers. But spring gifted me some quality outdoor days, opportunity to capture bright and colorful spring blooms, and beautiful rainy days. I have had the chance to spend some good time with my camera this month. More than doing any exercise I always prefer playing sports and walking outdoor. So this was definitely a short month for me. I wanted t…

Tips For Creating An Extraordinary Life With What You Have

"Life is a sum of what we expect and what we get."  Once in our lifetime; we all develop that thought of living a grand 'perfect' life- with no worries and absolutely where there is no run for living. But I have realized from my experience that; "life is making the BEST of what you are offered; while aiming to reach for the stars- someday." For many people; the definition of a happy life is, "possessing every single thing that others' have, and not what they have been gifted with!" But do you think we feel satisfied and happy even after that? No? Yes, a big NO! Because we feel that there are still many things that are missing in our life in order to make us happy and fulfilling! Such expectations lead us to the "no satisfaction zone"where we end up being confined to our own assumptions and having endless negative thoughts.
For me, an extraordinary life is about doing my "favorite" things that brings me peace, joy, and happines…

How To Stay Focused and Happy At The Same Time

When the life around you seem ruthlessly busy and you lose focus, you're more likely to lose every drop of interest levels left within you. As too much of your involvement (social and personal) is definitely going to take away all your energy. This post is for those days when; "life demands too much from you, and you find it hard to juggle between everything, while trying to keep a balance between work, life, family, passion, self-care, and personal demands and ambitions." Let's escape from anything that seems challenging for a moment, and be present. Now, let's just listen to our heart and ignore the rest.

We all want to stay focused in our life and work. Don't we? We want to do everything just perfectly perfect; but with lots of tasks to juggle between, we can only pick those that are extremely urgent and or are more important. 
On days when you have too much do, and too many things to remember; it's normal to feel like you're battling stress and disc…

What's In The SPRING!

"How does your morning feel these days: exciting, energetic, filled with positive energy?" Do you spring out of bed quickly these days to look outside? 
Now that we have started waking up to bright, wet, and warmer mornings, it is likely to feel great from the inside out too! The dawn of spring has taken away all our sluggish, dull feelings of indoor life.
I was waiting to do a post something like to- welcome spring,  but now that we have already settled to this "beautiful weather" of the year, I want to share few motivations that drives me towards positive and happy feelings- this time around. Spring is a beautiful season, and an ideal time to start moving and doing outdoor activities. Now that it's time to start something new and fresh; with more sunshine, longer days, and beautiful view of landscapes; life seems to have woken up from deep sleep! 
No wonder I have started clicking more pictures these days. There's so much to capture around me! "So let&#…