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April is for 'Awesomeness': 10 Ways To Make Your Life Awesome

Before I say goodbye to April, I wanted to write two more posts; but unfortunately I'll have to let go:( But still I've too many awesome things to share that happened this month. If you have read my posts in March, you know that March was the 'month of motivation' for me. And April is for Awesomeness. I know I should have written this post at the beginning of April; but if you are okay with me to read this now and feel awesome about your life; then come along:)
Photography By Epsita
So far; April has been my favorite month of this year, especially because I hate winter days except for the fact that I get to photograph snow and ice around and I love layers. But spring gifted me some quality outdoor days, opportunity to capture bright and colorful spring blooms, and beautiful rainy days. I have had the chance to spend some good time with my camera this month. More than doing any exercise I always prefer playing sports and walking outdoor. So this was definitely a short month for me. I wanted to do more and feel more of "April."

Isn't it true that when you keep yourself busy doing something you like, you don't keep a track of time. I was feeling overwhelmed at times just by thinking that, "there are so many things I am going to do this month, and I din't know how to complete everything." But somehow I managed to do few things:)

I was so inspired by the above pic that I had to take one for myself with myself:) Umbrellas make such a great prop in photography. April was a sprintastic month for everyone; as life was waking up from dull and not-so-active life. To view more of my spring clicks you can always visit my Facebook page here-

You know it's never too late to build an awesome life for yourself. It's never too late to change your life. All we need to do is take the charge and start. Life is hard at times; but as we continue to face and overcome more challenges, we become stronger stronger. So embrace everything you can and build a stronger foundation for your "awesome life."

  So here I share few of the simple ways to make your life more awesome:

1. Say yes to new opportunities.

Undertaking new opportunities gives you more choices and improves your decision making habit- all by yourself for yourself. So you become more confident to take risks. New opportunities open the doors to possibilities. Every experience contributes to your skills and learning. So, do not worry if you chose something that's not up to your expectation levels. You can always learn, grow and move on to your "dream project" in life or in career.

2. Be receptive in accepting all kinds of feedback

Nobody likes negative remarks and statements. I'm sure you wouldn't like anyone telling you, "you are fat, or you're inefficient for this job, or your English is very poor, or your writing doesn't match our standards, or you are not beautiful and or talented as your brother and sister, you're not smart and presentable for the kind of job, you' re very weak academically,  and so many such remarks. Do I sound familiar? We all must have had faced such criticisms once in our lifetime. I'm not asking you to take in all of these negative feedbacks and see them as something "positive; but I want you to be bold enough to face them yet still remain unaffected. Don't try to align  or compare them with your efficiency! You can be much better than you're today.

I know criticism hurts, make us freeze and stagnant. But if you can see the positive message within it whilst believing in your abilities; you can grow and become unstoppable.

3. Move out of your comfort zone

I know sometimes we all want things to happen automatically for us; even without giving much efforts.But only when you put your required amount of  efforts- you can yield results. Things can never happen overnight. Every dream, expectations and wishes require focus, perseverance, understanding and consistent hard work; and that can happen once you leave your comfort zone and face the reality- the real world. Don't settle and or get comfortable. Strive for more while being "true" and honest in your approach

4. Learn from everyone but do what you think would be right and best for you.

5. Fly high but always remember the ground that helped you to take off.

6. Learn to give before your expect.

Be it love, any help or just a smile! Practice giving it first before you expect to receive.

7. "Stay simple and kind even when in your heels."

It means, "even if you are the wealthiest or the richest person in the world, stay simple and kind at heart. Nobody can take away these powerful traits from you- even if life happens to betray you sometimes. Simplicity is the "best language" you can use to teach someone a lesson or to make a difference. Own and include in your lifestyle. 

Kindness can even make a wicked heart melt. Try it sometimes and see the results!

8. Make peace with yourself

Let go any kind of guilt, regret, perfectionism, grudge, anger or revenge. Practice being "you" and embrace peace. When things, relationships or any kind of expectations seem chaotic- just move yourself away fro it for sometime and rebuild your lost faith and hope. Remember the worst days are not going to last forever, and your best days are yet to come. Believe in the miracles that often happens in our life- all of a sudden!

9. Find your passion

Life gets passionate when we find the cause that drives us forward. Look for your long lost hobby, interest or talents. Instill the quality of passion driven life in your kids too! A life that is pulled by any kind of purpose is far more satisfying and happy than any ordinary life. Find your purpose today and start working towards it.

10. Be your own competition

Always compete with your yourself and find your limits rather than competing with anybody else.

Do leave me your thoughts in the comments below:)


  1. Make peace with yourself. - That's something I'm trying to do at the moment. Praying!
    Thanks for the motivation and good to hear that April has been good to you. Its been alright, but the weather could have been much better. Ha!! Lets pray May do us good. :)

  2. Another amazing post dear. Loved it. I think I would have to move out of my comfort zone a little :)

  3. Being your own competition is a really good tip... I had to learn that one when I started getting healthy, I had to do it for me and be better than myself and not someone else... I also thing we need to make peace with ourselves... it's not the easiest thing but totally necessary xox

  4. I love April too! It is the month I was born in and I always connect it with Spring. Great tips!
    Saying yes to new opportunities is important and it can teach us so much about ourselves. Being kind is also very important! Kindness and a pure heart...that is something nobody can take away from us. Well said!
    Finding our passion is also important. When we compete with ourselves, when we try to better ourselves in what we do, that makes us not only happier but often also better people and because we are then happy with ourselves, we are more likely to be more kind to others as well.

    have a great May!

  5. I'm glad that April was such a good month for you. I can't tell you how much I agree with you on all the things you're encouraging people to believe in. And the one where you say that we are our own competition is my favorite. My principal in school used to tell it to us all the time. :) I'm glad we could connect, following you on bloglovin' now! :D

  6. These are all really good. It is so true that time flies when you are having fun. I agree with you on learning to give before you accept as well, that's a huge one for me. Having peach with who you are and yourself too.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  7. I definitely agree with living life out of your comfort zone - it's the only way to live in my opinion! These are all really great tips though xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  8. These tips sounds really great! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Such an inspirational and amazing post, dear. I love all of your points and I do see them as essentials. I love that idea of staying grounded no matter what, you have to be kind no matter for wealthy you are :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  10. Thanks for sharing these tips! Life is awesome!!!

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  11. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post and the beautiful picture! I try to live an as awesome as possible life and I love it to take new opportunities and to do new things :) I think life is much too boring for doing always the same!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. Lovely message Epsita. And you look real pretty :)


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