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How To Live More Everyday By Conquering Your Fears

There's nothing called a "problem-free" life. I hope you'll agree with me. And even before the 'actual' problems comes our way; we're paralyzed by so many types of fear(s): "what if"? Certain "fears" are so intense that they leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, empty, and literary sad! And we don't like to think about them, or talk about them. 

I was feeling muddled by such fears from last few days. And believe me, they were so hard to avoid thinking about. Fear of uncertainties, insecurity of tomorrow, a sudden feeling of emptiness in life was sending shivers down my spine.

We allow fears to define and dominate our life. Most of the times they are inevitable. Some "big" decisions of our life also involve many types of fears. But we shouldn't allow our fears to rule our decisions. I was also trying to avoid getting caught in those baseless fears; that my mind was developing. I realized, the only way to conquer my fear…

The Need To Feel Special

We all crave for this "super" need- at least from our partner/life partner- to make us feel special. We love to know - we matter in their life.! And I'm no different:) 
I guess, that's why God created those "special" days in our life- when we have all rights to expect special treatment, love, and care like: our birthday, wedding day, mother's day, father's day; etc. And we women especially love feeling special, getting surprises, and definitely gifts (doesn't matter big or small).

It was last week (May 18th), I celebrated my birthday; and before the month flies away I wanted to do a post where I can show you some of my celebration pictures. I can't tell you, how special this month makes me feel! I absolutely love receiving wishes, love, and blessings from my friends and family. It is always a great feeling to know- you matter, and also to know people care about you. This is the reason, I try my best to make my friends, family, and kids feel sp…

20 Simple Ways To Help You Feel Beautiful

It's hard to stay "beautiful"-constantly with the changes that happen to our age, skin and look. But it's even harder to feel beautiful every day from within. It's so easy to form all kinds of negative opinions about our look. We're all so vulnerable to the feelings like: "I'm not beautiful, I'm not worthy, I'm not attractive; etc. Sometimes it's actually difficult, I agree! 

I was very much like you, always having negative opinion about myself, my look, and personality. But as I started becoming confident about myself, I realized I'm no less than any other person. I learned to choose what's best for me, and how best I can represent myself while respecting my personal likes and dislikes.

With the images of "perfect" pretty women, "perfect shape", and skinny body image flashing everywhere, it is easy to forget your worth, and to never feel beautiful again.  But when such thoughts become serious reasons to hate you…

How To Simplify Your Life in 18 Different Ways

Life's (everyday) simple smallpleasures are enough to brighten your day. We may feel happy to have obtained everything that a "successful life" demands; but  the fact-value of such living can be very demeaning. Life is "predictable" in certain ways like; when it comes to 'making choices,' and "best" decisions for our health and wellness. A simple life means,"creating the life we want to live." And creating a simple life requires many healthy and better practices for ourselves. A little decluttering and clearing all the "messes" can help us see clearly- how simple our life can be!
I've always seen my life getting seriously complicated; when I take in too much of everything, and forget myself. I stress out completely. I run into "unnecessary" worries and let them stay with me. For me life would've remained just like this forever and ever; if I hadn't taken few "necessary" decisions for myself and…

May is for 'More': May Inspirations

Wow it's feels like just yesterday I said goodbye to April; and we are half way through May already! I know time never stops for anyone. That's true! I stumbled across this awesome quote while I  was  thinking to do my first post of May. 

"Time will pass anyway, don't give up your dream no matter how hard it seem or how long it will take to reach it." - Blaze Olermiday

May is definitely my favorite; as it's my birthday month, beginning of vacations, more sunny days which means more of outdoor life, etc. Before my kids' summer vacation starts, I want to complete most of the writing stuffs before hand; so that I will have some quality time with family. Also I am looking forward to taking more pictures this month,. I have many plans and some tiny little goals for this month. I'm all set to take few steps further towards creating a "better life" for myself and my family.  

Below I'm sharing few of the 'important' tasks/changes that I am…