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May is for 'More': May Inspirations

Wow it's feels like just yesterday I said goodbye to April; and we are half way through May already! I know time never stops for anyone. That's true! I stumbled across this awesome quote while I  was  thinking to do my first post of May. 

"Time will pass anyway, don't give up your dream no matter how hard it seem or how long it will take to reach it." - Blaze Olermiday

May is definitely my favorite; as it's my birthday month, beginning of vacations, more sunny days which means more of outdoor life, etc. Before my kids' summer vacation starts, I want to complete most of the writing stuffs before hand;  so that I will have some quality time with family. Also I am looking forward to taking more pictures this month,. I have many plans and some tiny little goals for this month. I'm all set to take few steps further towards creating a "better life" for myself and my family.  

Below I'm sharing few of the 'important' tasks/changes that I am going to work upon consistently and dedicatedly all through this month. I hope you find them equally motivating!

May for me is going to be a month for doing 'More' in terms of :

1. 'More Reading'

2. 'More Writing' 
2. Practicing Mindfulness
3. Spending more time 'being better' health wise as well as for my personal development
4. Being more productive and managing my energy
5. Getting my needs met
6. Investing in my well being

So you will find more of my posts reflecting on the above mentioned areas of my life, this month. If you think these subjects can be of any inspiration to you; then keep me in your heart and stay connected:) 
I have some spring/summer style, and feel good inspirations coming along too! So I have lots to share before I say goodbye to May. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with my posts more often than not.

I'm going to focus a lot on "mindful practices" this month. If you have missed my previous post on mindfulness here is the link 

So what comes to your mind first when you hear or read this "magical" word anywhere: Meditation, peaceful surroundings, calmness, positive mind, renewed energy levels, or being present?

My own definition is somewhat like this: "Paying quality and close attention to every detail of my life and wellness; in a more open way. Definitely being more aware of your "present."

So Welcome May! Bring Everyone More Peace, Happiness and Better Life.

Hope you all have a Bright and Beautiful May:)

How do you like the pictures? Don't forget to leave me your thoughts about this post in the comments below. 


  1. Epsita I love May, it's a great month for the reasons you say.. more sun, more time outdoors and it's my youngest daughters birthday... she'll be 13 ♡

    1. wow that's nice Launna:) Wishing her A Very Happy 13th Birthday.

  2. I need to start doing some more reading too! So inspired.

    Dakota D.

  3. I must say your style of writing is very impressive! You have a fantastic blog and all the pictures are wonderful! Loved everything!

    Would you like to follow each other via gfc, bloglovin, instagram, twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blog and let me know where you follow and I will follow back right away!! :)

    Keep in touch

    1. Thank you very much, Ritcha for those wonderful words. Sure!!

  4. Absolutely wonderful!

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  5. May is more happiness for me :) Well written epsita :)

  6. That quote about time passing anyway is one I have loved forever! And I plan on doing more reading and being present actually!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  7. first of all wishes you a very happy birthday month girl !! enjoy your month, day and week :D

    Inpirations always welcome and spread the happiness !! :D You are a very good writer. Why dont you try to write for inspirational books or magazine ?

    1. Thank you for those wonderful words, Rishika...I was os happy to hear like my style of writing. I will definitely Dear. Just that waiting for the right time, as my kids are very young now and I hardly have time for taking up any big projects. Well, thank you so much once again. You made my day:)<3

  8. lots of motivation for this month! my fave month is my bday month, too. but mine is oct.

    1. Thank you so much, Elle:)
      I am so happy to know we have similar likes:)
      Thank you again!!

  9. Your photos are wonderful, Epsita! Also, I find May very inspiring, hence why I started blogging in May. Lot of more will be happening for me too. I will try to read more, write more, be more productive and just try to stay happy in general :) I hope May will be good for you :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  10. Woow, the pictures seem so warm-hearted and inspiring. Love this post! Keep up a good job!

  11. I love May too, the weather change and the longer days and having my boys home.

  12. I really want to read more in May too. Well, I always want to but there is always so much to do! You have a lovely blog, would you like to follow each other?

  13. Happy Birthday Espita :) Ans time does fly! My little princess is 5 months already and it feels like soon she will be a teenager! Love the quote that you have shared :) Hope you achieve everything you have set for yourself.

  14. I cheer you on on your goals.
    Good job on you for having these visions.

  15. I love May too and I want to slow it down. There are too many happenings yet limited time. Great post and i love the first quotation :)

    SHAIRA // New Post

  16. beautiful photographs! I decided to be more active this May ...and so far, so good;)


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