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7 Types of Scarves Every Fashion Woman Must Own

If you have been reading my blog for a while; you would be knowing; how much I love scarves! They always find a special place in my wardrobe. I believe,"a "perfect" scarf can save your day, can make you look chic and elegant- effortlessly."

Accessorizing is an essential part of fashion for every woman. Our look remains incomplete without the "right" accessories- be it a bag/clutch, a hat, glasses, jewelry, or scarves. I'm sure you would agree? Out of many, a scarf and a statement necklace are my easy (instant styling tips) picks when I find my clothing not-so-beautiful. A scarf is not just a great companion for cold and winter days; but this piece of fashion accessory can make you look stylish, elegant, and chic within no time- all-year-round.  There are lot of things to know about this fashion accessory like: the different types, different kinds in length and textures, different ways to tie them around or to carry them with you everywhere, and much mor…

Why You Should Love Your Flaws

"If You Look For The Good, You Will Find It." If we look for what's wrong with ourselves, we will find plenty of reasons to complain about. But if we look for the best things in ourselves, we'll find plenty of reasons to celebrate. The former allows us to hate ourselves; and the latter teaches us to embrace our true self- with flaws. 

We are all born with some flaws, or we adopt few over a period of time. But we are made up of flaws. And you cannot deny this fact! Nobody is perfect. It's a different matter that in-spite of knowing them, we pretend to be "perfect," and try our best to let them not show up to anybody. We do the alteration or try to conceal the "real things" from the world like:  the physical beauty; body image, appearance, attitudes, failures, weaknesses, certain "negative qualities," and what not. With the changing world, there's solution to everything now; especially if you want to hide things under layers, and pro…

How Best To Live A Day and Your Life

"Life is a natural process. But living requires effort." 
And to know if you are living your "best" life or not; you need to know if the effort is coming naturally or you are trying hard- every single day! 

In my early days of life, I was not loving my life at all, and I was pretending that everything was fine. Because I had muted my emotions. I wanted to show everyone that life was treating me fairly; but actually I wanted to believe it too! and therefore had kept all my unhappy feelings suppressed under my fears, uncertainty, responsibilities, approvals, relationships, and under many social acceptance rituals. I was not living my life to the fullest. I wasn't excited about my life. But something that I did not stop then; and even now is: looking forward to some good things coming my way. I had Faith (I still choose faith over my fears), I was Hopeful (still hopeful, because hope changes everything), and I Believed (And I still believe in miracles; and also beca…