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Why You Should Love Your Flaws

"If You Look For The Good, You Will Find It."
If we look for what's wrong with ourselves, we will find plenty of reasons to complain about. But if we look for the best things in ourselves, we'll find plenty of reasons to celebrate. The former allows us to hate ourselves; and the latter teaches us to embrace our true self- with flaws. 

We are all born with some flaws, or we adopt few over a period of time. But we are made up of flaws. And you cannot deny this fact! Nobody is perfect. It's a different matter that in-spite of knowing them, we pretend to be "perfect," and try our best to let them not show up to anybody. We do the alteration or try to conceal the "real things" from the world like:  the physical beauty; body image, appearance, attitudes, failures, weaknesses, certain "negative qualities," and what not. With the changing world, there's solution to everything now; especially if you want to hide things under layers, and project yourself the "perfect" way. But aren't you tired of repressing the true you? Don't you feel the heavy emotional baggage you are carrying underneath- that's holding you back from showing the world- that you're best in so many other ways. So why hide? Why pretend that you are a "perfect" man or a woman?

I grew up hating everything about myself: not just physical appearance, but everything! There were many reasons to feel that way. But ever since I started accepting myself-even with not-so-good- parts of me; I realized and met my beauty- my true beauty that was hiding way way under my fear and hatred. I did not know the talents, the qualities, the reasons that proved to me; that I was unique, I was special like everybody else.

My flaws are as real as I'm. No hiding behind; and nothing to feel shy about. 

I love fashion, I try looking my best, or behaving the "best" way possible, or being kind and polite to almost everyone; but sometimes I fail too! I fail to make everyone happy, and to be good to everyone. I make mistakes, I don't always look pretty or beautiful or attractive like my friends. I have my own reasons to not feel my best all-the-time. I may not be as talented as others, I may not be as intelligent as my friends, my siblings, or my cousins. But I'm much more than you think I'm not. All we need is that vision, that respect for others, and the kindness to accept oneself as well as people with flaws.

I don't like to pretend. I like being real without makeup, and not hiding the "ugly" parts of me most of the times- without feeling ashamed of myself.

The moment you love your flaws and accept them, you set yourself free from any kind of lies you have had been telling yourself or to others; and from all kinds of  society rules of "should be" and "must be." I have learned to look for the good in me, and embrace my imperfections.

When I see myself through my imperfections, they tell me a story about my strongest achievements, my victories, and my growing belief and confidence in me. They show me the scars and the bruises of humiliations and rejections- that have made me attractive, carefree, and strong in all these years. 

So embrace yourself. Embrace that not-perfect body of yours'. Love each of the ugly parts of you, or of yours' and you will soon feel the warmth of love and satisfaction.  You will be more strong to face the world or the people with all your  imperfections, because you're aware of them and you accept them with a open heart.

I hope this post will help you find that lost love and respect for yourself, and you will be confident to embrace your flaws.


  1. This is a lovely message. I must keep it in mind :)

  2. I used to be a tomboy earlier in my life just so I can hide my bulgy tummy and big thighs. Everything I wore was baggy and I felt comfortable. Put me in anything else and I will say, "hell no!" Nowww...even though I still have some few insecurities/flaws, I'm just not a coward like I was. Not concentrating on them like before. This post is motivating. You're right about everything. I needed it! :)
    Happy weekend, Epsita dear.

  3. I think it is incredibly important to embrace the wonderful qualities we all have... because we all have them as you say... it's so easy to look at the bad but it will never help us grow... really great words Epsita xox

  4. Great post...Loved going thru it..Epsita..xo, neha

  5. Couldn't agree more.... Thank you so much for sharing such motivational words :)

  6. absolutely agree. Imperfections are natural. I always focus on improving my shortcomings.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  7. A lovely way for me to end the day. Such positive spirit. :)

  8. So inspiring :)

  9. It can be so difficult to stay positive but if you stay cautious and aware of how you perceive yourself you will be fine. Thanks for sharing darling.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram: @missdsquared413


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