Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Give Your Brain A Vacation

I know I have not written in a while; because I was busy "minding my matters." And the first priority in my list was to, "give my brain a long mindful vacation." But believe me, I was badly longing for a break. July is a very important month for me; for the whole family to say- with too many events and celebrations. And I was able to give hundred percent to my family.

I realized that my brain wasn't performing that effectively, and I was pushing myself too hard. But this break was a very good and important decision for me-personally and professionally. 

Even though I missed writing, and missed you all, but my brain and my health (conditions) thanked me for this short break.

I have been able to put back together my energy, my enthusiasm, and my focus. So this means you will see a lot more happening here @ The Positive Window. I believe I will be more regular in positing new, and interesting topics. I have also been collecting lots of props for my Blog Photography (that you can see in the coming days). 

I played sports, took close care of my husband and kids. I spent some quality time relaxing and just relaxing. Other than that, I was able to read few books of my favorite authors. I also did something new:) :) few fiction novels...and totally loved them:)

And yes, I can say that I have been enjoying summer completely. 

We often wait to finish all our work and then go on a vacation, or to take a break. But life is a continuous task. Never ends. Don't wait to give yourself a break- until you complete your to-do list; because it will never be totally completed.

 If you seem to be over doing whilst neglecting your health (even minor health issues), and badly want to shut everything down- for a moment- then go for it. It may not be a long break, but should be a real one- where you  just take care of yourself, relax, take plenty of rest, and allow yourself all the luxuries that you usually don't take. Then return to work with a fresh mind, relaxed body, and with an increased level of energy and enthusiasm.

So here I am. Back with more ideas, daily inspirations, more life, and more writing . Hope you all are still with me? Can't wait to hear from you in the comments below.

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