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6 Things I Have Learned Being A Positive Person

I want to start this post with my all-time favorite quote:
“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi
Ever since I started my journey to make my life better and positive; I learned zillion things about myself (that was all hiding beneath my fears).
During my journey I learned to look for the positive things I was doing. Striving to be a positive person in a negative world is not easy. But if we can practice to focus on the positive reasons like: staying hopeful and happy even in the darkest days of our life, and finding the "right purpose" that can help us forget everything and focus on doing something magical (that once you thought was nearly impossible), can  work wonders. Also connecting with happy and positive minded people will help us create a positive environment for ourselves. 

The more we learn to focus on the positive things around us, the sooner we can learn to "let go" any kind of negativity- that is a threat to our peace and happiness.

There's no secret to building a positive life for yourself, nor everything will happen overnight! Changing few habits and practices can help us transform our lives. I'm still a learner when it comes to mastering positivism. But I'm happy to have started walking this 'journey of change.' And here's what I discovered:

1. Being Positive felt better than being Negative.

2. I Became More Aware about My "Happiness Project."
3. I learned that," each day is a complete new day and I must do everything possible to  live it the best way." I started focusing on  making every day a joyful experience. 

4. Don't wait for someone to make you feel happy and better all the time. Get up and find your way to happiness (a true one).

5. I learned to control my attitude/feelings towards how I want to feel about anything that happens to me in a day.

6. I realized that a Positive Attitude is a choice. And I'm free to choose my attitude rather than expecting people to change. I learned to protect my self respect, and my emotions. Now that I know how to deal with my thoughts and emotions; I am in a better position to decide what to take in to my heart and mind. I no longer explain what I'm or what I want to be; I rather choose what is good for me (without any explanation). I'm more honest in letting people go out of my life, who doesn't like me.

Being a positive person has helped me to be strong enough to eliminate all kinds of negativity from my life. I found the brave side of me , who is ready to do anything to live a life where there is more peace, happiness, and purpose!

Your,  mine, and all of our life is filled with different challenges that makes it difficult to remain positive all the time. Certain problems are so big that they steal our motivation to stay positive in life. But just because of these inevitable reasons, I could not let somebody or something  take away those beautiful days of my life. I just have this life and I don't want to end my story by giving up to my problems and redundant fears. I had to take charge of my life totally- sometimes!

I realized that everything happens because it's meant to happen. So rather than blaming I must try to find the 'good' that can steer me out of the present problem. I learned to find peace for myself amidst chaos.

What's your thoughts about Being Positive? What are the kind of positive changes you brought to your life? Do leave me a comment.



  1. I love this quote “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi ... it's one of my favorite too... another one of my favorites is 'Whether you think you can or can't your right' ... we always have the choice.. I think it is an never ending learning process but it's good that we work on it daily xox

  2. Great Post sweetie you always do write a good inspiration one!

    Meme xx

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  3. Being positive is not just good for us, but for everyone around us. It's the kind of thing I want my kids to see and remember.

  4. Indeed being an optimist is a choice and you are free to choose your happiness every day

    xoxo- Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche! -

  5. love the positivity, point 3 and 6 I need to work. Ur posts are so inspiring.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  6. Great post. Follow my blog and I will follow you.

  7. True! I can agree to all these. I've decided to be happy. There are days when it's not easy but it's worth being optimistic.


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