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My Sources Of Inspiration For Writing

Hello Dear Readers.

As most of you know I've been almost absent from blogging from past few months. Please excuse my lack of blogging. I missed you all so much. I missed writing and blogging very very badly! Each day I would open the blogger page...look through all other's posts and... *sigh* wish; "wish I could write few lines for my next post today, but never happened, and finally was able to sit and write today!" So excited to be back.... just can't tell you:)

Motherhood is an endless process- with no breaks, no rest at all; but there's always more "real" joys and blessings of being a mom. It has been a great experience seeing my kids growing up this fast. I Did want to give them my full attention, and spend as much time as possible. I had made certain promises to myself before stepping into motherhood," that my kids will never find me absent- 24 hours a day- until they attain that appropriate age where they can do everything their own. I have…