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My Sources Of Inspiration For Writing

Hello Dear Readers.

As most of you know I've been almost absent from blogging from past few months. Please excuse my lack of blogging. I missed you all so much. I missed writing and blogging very very badly! Each day I would open the blogger page...look through all other's posts and... *sigh* wish; "wish I could write few lines for my next post today, but never happened, and finally was able to sit and write today!" So excited to be back.... just can't tell you:)

Motherhood is an endless process- with no breaks, no rest at all; but there's always more "real" joys and blessings of being a mom. It has been a great experience seeing my kids growing up this fast. I Did want to give them my full attention, and spend as much time as possible. I had made certain promises to myself before stepping into motherhood," that my kids will never find me absent- 24 hours a day- until they attain that appropriate age where they can do everything their own. I have always wanted to be available for them; doesn't really matter if I have to let go many things in life, or if others criticized me for being jobless." 

With my daughter turning 6 and son 2 years old, I'm always busy with them and stinking busy doing household chores. I'm happily living life; but have been badly missing writing. In all these months and days I missed myself somewhere whilst I was juggling between priorities and dreams/passion. Sometimes it's so difficult to choose between the two! We want to do everything; but it's never possible. But no regrets. I did what I felt was more important to me. Not being available to my kids would be the last thing on earth I will ever do. Doesn't matter how many more sacrifices and adjustments I need to do in life:)

Well now that I'm back; I want to share another good news with you all. I have also been busy decorating our house- with more inspirations, positivity, and life all around; in each and every corner. Do let me know if you would be interested in seeing a glimpse:) 

Now let me begin with today's post. Well, this is going to be a bit longer than my usual posts.

I have been a huge fan of such posts- where writers/ bloggers share their different source of inspiration for writing and or blogging-where they find ideas to write on new topics everyday. We often face writer's block in some point of writing- where we lack inspiration and the motivation to create interesting topics for our readers. Not just that; being a part of the creative world always require us to be active and kicking. With competition and comparison dominating the Internet, we need to come up with "new" creative posts for the target audience .

Though I see inspiration everywhere; but there are certain places where I can't stop visiting everyday. Not just I find interesting articles to read; but I find plenty of ideas to create meaningful posts for my readers. So I'm happy to share my favorite sure sources of ideas:

1. Bloglovin 

Bloglovin tops the list. The website itself is so attracting, that all articles look great to read and to devour every bit of the information there! I don't spend a day without visiting the site and or looking at all the articles.

2. Other Blogs/Websites

Subscribe and follow similar blogs or sites that interests you! They make a great repository of ideas for blog topics and for content writing. I love visiting all my "favorite blogs/websites" at-least once or twice a week, and sometimes even more often, when I decide to just read more and write less. I love reading them all. They don't just spark ideas in my brain; but most of the times they motivate me to continue my journey towards achieving my dream(s), they inspire me to live and love my life; and to face every day problems with a smile. Sometimes I can relate to them so much that I feel we all are same in some way or the other!

3. Books

Ever since I had a love affair with books; my life has changed completely. I no longer crave for friends and spending time with them; as much as I love sitting and reading a "good" book all-by-myself. I now have something to keep me company when I wish to stay away from everyone once-in-a-while! 

Books are a great source of ideas. If you're able to find that 'right kind of book;' that can keep you glued to it's pages, then you can find hundreds of new topic ideas to write about. 

4. Pinterest

I love browsing though Pinterest exactly the same way I like Bloglovin. These two are my favorite sources of Lifestyle and Fashion Inspirations. Every-time I feel low, or not myself (due to various reasons), I end up on Pinterest page. It is my favorite source of beauty, fashion, and home decor ideas.

5. Magazines

Pick  a magazine that you find interesting and get ready to find more ideas and information.  Magazines can make a great source of ideas and inspiration for writing.


A good quote is always an inspiration-that can change your life for good! Quotes inspire writers to write more and can generate a great deal of thoughts for the writing process. 

7. Words

Yes! A single word can trigger zillions of thoughts; but depends how you want to perceive it. But positive words like: inspiration, motivation, focus, possibilities, passion, failure, purpose, fashion, self care, mindfulness, joy, hope, wellness; etc are my favorites. I would love the opportunity to write on these words- any day!

8. Photography

Yes, click what you like and sit down to create a thought or an idea to present it in words. Photography is a very motivating source of my writing. I love clicking. Nature, kids, styles & fashion, colors make great subjects for photography and topic ideas.

If you ever find yourself stuck in getting ideas and the required inspiration to continue writing, then find the sources that can elevate your writing passion.

Where do you go to find ideas for all your posts and for writing? Do leave me your thoughts about this post in the comments below. I'm so excited to hear from you all after such a long gap!

Thank you for being there.


  1. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. Love blogging but sometimes life just gets in the way. Good to see you back.

  3. welcome back! Blogging can be a great creative outlet, but naturally real life is a lot more important. I think we should never worry about blogging, it shouldn't stress us...or we're dooing something wrong.

    Your sources of inspiration are great! I get inspired by others bloggers and books too...and sometimes by magazines as well.

  4. I sure do learn from other blogs a lot.

  5. Welcome back.

    I admire all the mothers out there. Being a mom is the hardest job. You get to be the doctor, teacher, cook, house keeper, and all the jobs possible. I am glad you are happy being a mom.

    I, myself experience writer's block as well. Sometimes it will took me a month or even more in getting back to writing. Such a shame for me.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful list. I usually read on Bloglovin and Thought Catalog.

    P.S. It's my first time to comment on your blog. :)

  6. Hello dear Epsita, welcome back in the blogger world! I'm happy you are back!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. So good that you are back darling
    My best wishes to you
    Great post

  8. Great post!!! would you like to follow each other's blog dear? Please let me know, I am following you now.thank you :)


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