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Tips To Be Busy and Happy At The Same Time

We are all so busy being busy these days; but does that busyness bring you happiness? Are you happy being busy? "I know what you're thinking right now? Isn't this woman crazy to ask such a silly question:)?" No, I'm serious!  A busy mind can smile too. You can feel a load of satisfaction within yourself, and can stay calm and joyful; even while being busy. All we need is a few frequent sips of satisfaction during the day as well as while catching up your nap at night (this means: few reminders that tell us, "we are satisfied with what we have in life at present.")

I love this quote that says :

We all get report cards in many different ways, but the real excitement of what you're doing is in the doing of it. It's not what you're gonna get in the end--it's not the final curtain--it's really in the doing it, and loving what you're doing."

Ralph Lauren

That's so true! The real fun of living your life depends upon; actually doing what you want to do, and loving doing it. Coming this far through experiences, I've realized that being busy is fun. It's a lot more fun than just doing nothing. At the end of the day you can breathe satisfaction, and pride that you did so many things for yourself today- be it at work, or just inside the house.

We like to claim that each one of us are doing more than the other individual (in family, among friends, in neighborhood, or in office), but the truth is, "we are all busy doing our life. Busy doing the tasks/actions that helps in shaping us as a human being, and as a social being. We are all the same- even though we act differently, or try to do things differently. But everything we do boils down to one purpose- giving our best efforts to live a life that we have been offered.

Few of my friends and readers asked me to do a post or posts about work-life balance. How to stay happy when we have a hell of workload? I was little hesitant to write on this because I had to ponder deeply into the life of a working mom to find the ways she try hard to balance her work and life. I'm not a working mom; but a full-time happy mom; because I like working hard day and night for my kids. I fail, I frown sometimes, and I skip or neglect few of my mommy tasks while juggling between my passion and family commitments. I'm even left unsatisfied feeling miserable and guilty for not doing everything I'm supposed to do. But I feel happy to have not bargained my self  for my 'perfect self'; and rather make mistakes to create a happening and happy life.

So why do we work so much? For whom? Are we being realistic when we decide to take upon so many tasks at hand? Yes, exactly these are the kind of questions you must ask yourself when you feel overdoing!

Remember these five essential questions that you must ask yourself to help maintain your sanity and a happy balanced life:

1. What are you busy for?

2. Whom are you busy for?
3. Is your busyness helping you in your overall growth?
4. What's your top priority- mindfulness & a stress free life, or in being a perfectionist?
5. Have you been getting time for your self-care rituals?

I want you to engage your mind thinking answers to these questions for yourself; and I will have it all explained for you in my next post. So stay with me and please feel free to share your views and the answers that you would like to have for these questions in the comment section below. I love to hear from you.


  1. This is really nice! Happy Halloween.


  2. Great tips and a very helpful post! x

  3. Oh, I think you are really right, dear Epsita! Personally I recognised I'm not more happy when I do nothing - although sometimes this is necessary and I enjoy this at this times at least a bit. But as I love most of the things I'm doing normally I know you are really right with what you are writing here. Honestly I think even that people who don't have much to do (what day like) tend to be unhappy ... Thanks for this post!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Couldn't agree more Epsita! Thanks for sharing those wonderful tips

    xoxo - Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche! -

  5. I think as long as you're happy with what you're doing and you find a time to relax a little, you'll be happy despite being busy. :)

    These are wise words. Nice!

  6. Sometimes I'm busy like a bee but I enjoy doing it. At the end of the day, no matter how tired I'm, I feel happy because my tasks are accomplished.

    This is a very nice read. Thanks for the motivation, Epsita. :)


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