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5 Steps To Design The Life You Want

Lately I have been busy reading a book, "Design The Life You Love" that totally touched my soul. While I was hunting for some interesting self-help and personal development books in the library, I stumbled upon this book. The title of the book looked so very attractive and interesting that I had to bring it home with me. I have just read few pages, and I'm already loving the ideas written by author Ayse Birsel that explains step-by step process of designing your life that you love.

Today's post is inspired by the book.

I really paused for a moment to think answers to these questions like; "how can I design the life I want? Am I doing everything that can lead me to the life I always wanted to live? I know we all have desires to live a large-size life- where we have everything, and just 'perfect.' But do you think we can have it all? And will that make us a happier person as a whole? If you're with me, "I would say 'no'." There's no…

How To "Style" Your Mind Positive

I don't know how but styling my own way has always got me some good positive feelings. Creating signature personal style and following fashion (the way I like) has always brought me fresh positive feelings- about myself, my life, and everything in between. I don't even remember how it all started; and I became so aware of creating my style (s), and looking fashionable all the time!

"Fashion isn't always about showing; rather more about feeling good from inside." We are all different, and we can never fit into somebody else's body. All we need is to create styles for our own body. That's when we can feel "really" good about our own self-image. And such good feelings make your life, your thinking process more positive. We start accepting our flaws, and do everything we can, to bring that change in our look and feel.

I've always been a huge fan of fashion; and personal styles. There's a lot out there to learn from and to get all kinds of insp…

Continue: Tips To Be Busy and Happy At The Same Time

Every time I experience too much of negativity around me; I don't forget to thank myself! I thank because I have chosen to keep myself busy doing something good for myself and for my family. I'm a kind of a woman who likes doing too many things. As long as I don't over exhaust myself, I am a happy busy mom.
We are almost half way through November, and I'm doing my first post of the month. I never wanted to take this long for doing my second and the last part of the post; but as I had mentioned in my previous post, "I have been very busy lately. Busy doing everything I must, I should, and I can."
Life is all about balancing your tasks and happiness. Now it's up to you; how you're going to label them: as happy tasks and unhappy tasks. Write down your day's to-do list, by separating your tasks under two categories. See how many activities you are doing actually makes you happy!

"I'm busy may seem like a overstatement at times." But it is n…