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How To "Style" Your Mind Positive

I don't know how but styling my own way has always got me some good positive feelings. Creating signature personal style and following fashion (the way I like) has always brought me fresh positive feelings- about myself, my life, and everything in between. I don't even remember how it all started; and I became so aware of creating my style (s), and looking fashionable all the time!

"Fashion isn't always about showing; rather more about feeling good from inside." We are all different, and we can never fit into somebody else's body. All we need is to create styles for our own body. That's when we can feel "really" good about our own self-image. And such good feelings make your life, your thinking process more positive. We start accepting our flaws, and do everything we can, to bring that change in our look and feel.

I've always been a huge fan of fashion; and personal styles. There's a lot out there to learn from and to get all kinds of inspirations from every single person. I like pulling out best pairs of clothes for myself, my kids, and sometimes even for my husband. I like to wear styles, and look my best. I have been following thousands of fashionistas, bloggers, artists, celebrities, friends, and every single person whose style inspires me. I like following them and adopting few tips from their style statements; but I also like to transform all those into 'my way of styling.' I love to experiment with patterns and colors, and sometimes two different genre of styles together. And I can guarantee you that; doing all this gives me immense positive feelings- a sense of acceptance and peace within myself.

There are several paths to self-love. And there's no better way to transform your whole self than by adopting fashion, new styles as well as considering your personal style.

When we see certain possibilities in life, that's when we find joy in creating, and creating more. We all like to depend upon certain purposes to move ahead in life- doesn't matter if creating a positive body image is the purpose! But something that can pull this life forward, that can help us belong in the crowd, and that can push us to go for our dreams. All we need is that 'kick' in our life to make it happen. And self-love is that one big reason for living a positive life.

When people talk about fashion, they share love. They share the warmth of good feeling from inside, and the confidence that's more than enough to spark that positive feeling within us. When you are too busy 'creating' something for yourself, you will not have enough time to see what others are creating. Rather you will go into the mode where you will feel like inspiring others by sharing your work, your story, and your fashion. And that's what exactly we bloggers or writers do. Don't we?

So these are the reasons how a mind can be turned into the positive mode through fashion.

1. Dressing in nicer clothes make you feel better.

We often choose clothes according to our emotions. Like: a happy mood will always pick the best or favorite clothes from the closet whilst a sad and frustrated mind will pick anything, or the worst choice of dresses. So when you can create that eagerness to look your best - you will always pick the best suitable styles for yourselves. This whole thing impacts our day, work, emotions, and productivity.

2. People who love to style are more positive and interactive in life.

Yes! You may not agree with me; but that's so true. I have seen people who like to style and look good all the time; are always on a hunt for something beautiful and attractive. Such people are usually happy and happening; because they always have a job to do- collect and share their 'best' dresses, bags, shoes, or jewelry. They always have something to talk about, and something to feel good about- they like to feel good about themselves!

3. The power of making a choice.

You are in total charge of your choices- what and how you like to dress. You have the power and the freedom to create something new and better for yourself- that in a way also influences positive energy in the society. You become the inspiration to others-  to take charge of their likes and dislikes too, to control their life, their way! You're the designer of your uniqueness. And doing so, definitely makes you confident and unique.

4. Self-care broadcasts self-love and respect.

When you put effort in your appearance, you make is possible to care, how you want to present yourself to the world. You create that power within yourself; by taking care of your physical and mental health requirements. Caring about how you present your physical beauty to the world also keeps you engaged to your-self, to your body.

Self-love is the first step towards a better positive life. When you very well understand your needs, you tend to prepare yourself to accept others with flaws too! You create a happy atmosphere in the family.  You become a loving person. You smile often. You stay busy. You become more productive, and more purposeful.

By bringing a positive change in your life, you also bring a change in other people's lives- who are directly or indirectly connected to you. You create a positive atmosphere in the society. You influence dreams, careers, passions, and possibilities.

There are many such 'passions' I have inculcated in my life- that has helped me to become more and more positive each coming day- and fashion/style is one of them. Stay with me to know more ways how you can create a POSITIVE LIFE.

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  1. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  2. Epsita, I think we all need to do a little more self care for ourselves.. I also agree we should wear our own styles that give us a positive self image... xox


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