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How To Live Your Best Day

No matter how our lives are, we need reasons to be alive, to wake up each morning, and to roll along with the day as it unfolds. Some start their day with yoga, exercise, or with a morning cup of tea or coffee; whilst many start by writing down their "dreams;" their to-do list- their motivations that keeps them on their toes to go for work, or to create something each single day! A day well spent adds power to our nights, and to the next mornings.

I don't see  my life as a big picture like; " how it will be in 2016 or in 2017; but I see it as living each new day in my life with passion, purpose, peace, progress, possibilities, and by making some  positive changes.

Living your best life every day doesn't require much, but some small efforts to make your day beautiful and meaningful.
Lately I came across many articles and some books; where I read about living with your hobbies. Like, "how a hobby can boost your motivation and can change your life," Which is my next post. And I believe it too! Keeping your mind engaged in doing something that excites you, that challenges you, and that inspires you to "create"something new each time- can have immeasurable impact on our whole self. When you are busy doing too many different things; you will never get bored of your life; and tired by your problems.
Being happy doesn't mean everything is fine and perfect in your life; but it means you have chosen to be happy and stay happy beyond all your problems.

Here are few of the ways I try to make my day- a happy and satisfying day. I hope you can find them inspiring too.

1. I chose to simply smile every day no matter what.

2. I definitely do one or more than one things that excites me, and brings me joy.

3. Start your day with this thought: " Every single day is a new opportunity for you to start afresh, and do those things that couldn't do yesterday."

4. If you feel too much is already on your shoulders; don't take on more, or at least go slow to complete the assigned/planned task effectively and successfully.

5. Do something that can give some rest to mind, and you can feel relaxed and rested. Tasks that can help you calmly do the work without much focus like; ironing, gardening, folding your laundry, washing the dishes etc. Such activities always help me in 'being present' and feeling the moment.

6. Find Inspiration daily.

7. Be Silly. Be Kind. Be More Patient. Be Grateful. Stop Comparison. Believe. Breathe. Wish.  And Repeat.

8. Forgive quickly.

9. Be Yourself.

10. Fail. Rise. And Grow.

11. To get into a positive frame of mind try to appreciate someone (known or can be a stranger) in a friendly tone; or say Thank You to them who did something good, or said something good to you.

These are few of the ways how you can live your day in the best possible way. Do everything but don't forget to smile and have fun every day. What do you think about this post. Do leave me your thoughts.


  1. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  2. I agree that hobbies can help us feel both happy and as though we're exercising our brains. That's why I blog. Turns out it's brought me a lot of happiness.

  3. such an amazing article! I agree with everything you wrote. Having hobbies can make us happier, because by doing something we like every day, we keep ourselves motivated. In addition, I think that learning new skills keeps our mind young.

  4. Epsita, I am taking the living in the moment idea as the number one change I want to make... since I am finally able to work from home, I am seeing life in a much better way, which makes me want to cherish each moment... some really great tips here... life is about working towards being our best selves xox

  5. Totally agree, having hobbies is very important!
    Great post babe!
    I'm following you back now!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. Love the post and thoughtful content!!
    Hope you had an amazing weekend :)
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent posts and thank you!!

  7. This is a very beautiful post dear!

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  8. Hello dear Epsita,
    I agree with everything you wrote here as I see also each new day as new opportunity and chance! Personally, I think life is wonderful and as you mentioned especially a hobby can enrich a life in a never expected way. I think everything is up to ourselves if we have the best day (each day) or not :)
    Thank you for this wonderful and very true post!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. I always feel thankful when I could wake up for another day, and feeling energized when thinking it will be a better day than yesterday. I could really relate to no. 10. Yes, I'm being myself, too.

    Thank you so much for this uplifting post.

    Lots of smile and love.



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