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10 Positive Affirmations For Every Day Practice

I remember when I came across those "magical statements," they totally charged my mind and beliefs- they call them "positive affirmations." These are positive statements that can help you feel motivated (upon practice), and can help you avoid negative thoughts. All you are required to do is- say them everyday. I found this method of self-improvement really empowering. Statements like;"I'm enough, I'm the change, I'm important, I'm worthy of love, etc are such powerful sayings that you can say it to yourself every day!

In today's post I am going to share few of those "powerful statements" that you must practice saying it to yourself  everyday

Much like exercise, they help in increasing the levels of feel-good-hormones. I would be  sharing such #positive #affirmations every #month. And you too can help me add to the lists. Either you can create your own list, or repeat after me:

1. Everyday I'm creating a better me.
2. I have all th…

How To Be Better Than The Woman You Were Yesterday

I would like to start this post by asking few questions to myself. You can always ask these questions to yourself when you begin reading today's post.

"Am I better than I was yesterday?"
"Am I doing (today) what I always wanted to do?"
"Do I 'really' love my life today?
"Am I making any personal and professional progress at present?"
"Am I more thankful for everything than I was yesterday?"
"Do I know what makes me happy and brings me joy quickly?"

And if the answers are "yes", or "almost yes," then you know that you have already started creating your desired life- and you are better than you were yesterday; or you are working towards creating your best version today.

We spend each day of our life comparing with others, and trying to be like somebody else. But have you ever imagined seeing yourself- in the "best" possible way! Have you ever wished to create the best version of you. If not, no worr…

How to love your mornings

They say that, "every morning is a chance to start over."

I was never a morning person; until I started loving my mornings again, as much as I loved staying up late in the night. As far as my childhood memories tell me; I used to hate waking up early for my studies! I was more comfortable in doing late night studies. But now ever since I have realized the importance of morning,  I try my best to love my mornings, because our morning prepare us to follow the rest of the day as it unfolds.

We sometimes find it really challenging to push ourselves throughout the day; and force ourselves to act like everything is moving in the right direction, but from within we don't feel that motivation. Therefore I have learned from my experiences that, "you must feel awesome every morning as you wake up, to make your whole day fun-tastic, productive, and successful. I like to wake up feeling more productive and happy every day. "

Open your eyes each morning saying this to yourself…

5 Reasons Why To Live Your Passion and Love What You Do

First of all, Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year 2017. I am so excited about starting my first story/first day in a complete "New Year". I hope you had a blast welcoming another year to your life. I am looking forward to some more wonderful magics to happen in my life this year- with new changes and challenges. Hope you like today's post!

This post is also inspired by a book called, "Clear Seeing Place" by Author Brian Rutenberg. My love for "good" books is just increasing day by day. I have started finding peace and true joy by reading; and therefore I am all set to create a mini library for my reads and references. Anytime I feel I must bury myself within a book and stay there for some inspiration and motivation, I can do that now! I will soon share a picture of my tiny library with you all!

Therefore I believe another awesome book chose me to introduce it to my readers, ( As I was lucky to be contacted for doing a review of the *book).

If you are a…