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5 Reasons Why To Live Your Passion and Love What You Do

First of all, Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year 2017. I am so excited about starting my first story/first day in a complete "New Year". I hope you had a blast welcoming another year to your life. I am looking forward to some more wonderful magics to happen in my life this year- with new changes and challenges. Hope you like today's post!

This post is also inspired by a book called, "Clear Seeing Place" by Author Brian Rutenberg. My love for "good" books is just increasing day by day. I have started finding peace and true joy by reading; and therefore I am all set to create a mini library for my reads and references. Anytime I feel I must bury myself within a book and stay there for some inspiration and motivation, I can do that now! I will soon share a picture of my tiny library with you all!

Therefore I believe another awesome book chose me to introduce it to my readers, ( As I was lucky to be contacted for doing a review of the *book).

If you are an artist by heart, or want to find your lost love for art or any kind of activities that you have always loved doing the most- then this book is for you. This book isn't about your hobbies, but about your passions- that you want to LIVE your entire life with! Passions that make you, "you", and for something that you want to wake up and be excited. Something that makes you the happiest, and you are unfraid of going after what you want.
I'm still reading the book, and it feels like I shouldn't put it down. Love the inspiration that I'm able to pick from the words, and experiences in all the pages. It's like, "learning from people who are doing work that they love." What can be more inspiring than real-life examples. I'm sure you will love the quotes that is shared in between the stories.

Whether you want to make a career, or live with your passion work each day takes us closer to ourselves; and help us feel the joy and freedom that we desire to make our life meaningful.

 So here are the reasons why I think you should live your passion:

1. You follow your joy.

You meet your fears and decide to go after the task you love doing the most; and you do it anyways. So the feeling of joy is definitely intense and permanent in the kind of tasks we consistently do.

2. You connect with your inspiration.

You bring those inspirations from all-around-you and create something new at your "workplace." And you wish for more learning and improving. You challenge every part of your self- to create the inspiration that's within you. And that's when magic happens!

3. You create your own world that you love.

When you live your passion, you feel more fulfilled and productive. Your work doesn't feel like a burden, or any heavy duty that you must do to receive your salary every month!

4. You live your beliefs.

You try doing things that you never knew thought you can do! You push yourself to succeed even more. You write your own story with courage and confidence.

5. Everything starts with passion.

Whether you decide upon living a healthy lifestyle, or making a career of your choice; passion drives your purpose.

If you think you must read the book, then quickly grab one today and create a place in your library. The book is worth reading. Do leave me your thoughts in the comments below. Waiting to hear from you all.

*This is a sponsored post.
Photography- Epsita
Opinions- All opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I think it's important to live with passion, otherwise we are just existing, which won't bring us joy.

    Happy New Year Epsita xox ♡

    1. Thank You Launna and Wish You A Very Happy and a Great New Year too, Dear.

      So true! My passion pushes me to go beyond my limits and to take risks. It gives me the freedom to believe- "It Can Be Possible, and I Will Make It." :)

      Thank for your love, presence, and your support all through my journey this far. Lucky to have found you my Dear Friend.

  2. Great post) Happy New Year)
    Would you like to follow each other on g+? Please let me know and l follow you back)

  3. Brian sounds lovely, I love what he said about being more lucky when we work harder. I believe in that too! I really like the quotes you included. As you know, I love painting too. I have many hobbies and some of them are a true passion for me- so I'm sure I would enjoy reading this one.

    This is such a great book review.

  4. Dear Epsita, happy New Year to you! Enjoy each day and stay as you are <3 You are so right again with what you are writing here. Passion is really a high motivator and I know by my own experience how better life is if one follows what you recommend here. Thanks for the post and all the best to you <3
    xx Rena

  5. Happy New Year - Love the post and thoughtful content!!

  6. love ur thoughts and can relate to what you wrote. Happy new year babe.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3


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