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How to love your mornings

They say that, "every morning is a chance to start over."

I was never a morning person; until I started loving my mornings again, as much as I loved staying up late in the night. As far as my childhood memories tell me; I used to hate waking up early for my studies! I was more comfortable in doing late night studies. But now ever since I have realized the importance of morning,  I try my best to love my mornings, because our morning prepare us to follow the rest of the day as it unfolds.

We sometimes find it really challenging to push ourselves throughout the day; and force ourselves to act like everything is moving in the right direction, but from within we don't feel that motivation. Therefore I have learned from my experiences that, "you must feel awesome every morning as you wake up, to make your whole day fun-tastic, productive, and successful. I like to wake up feeling more productive and happy every day. "

Open your eyes each morning saying this to yourself, " today is going to be my best-day ever!"

I never did any experiments to start falling in love with my mornings; but just few realizations that helped me to comprehend the "morning love" practice. When I made the shift, I found that I had more time for myself, to do all my stuffs- important and not-so-important. I became a happier person than I was before.

Some days were effortlessly inspiring as soon I woke up; while other days I looked around really hard to find some things-to-do that can keep me motivated all-day-long. But something I quickly recognized,"if I look forward to doing my "exciting things," I would jump out of bed within no time." So I decided to feed my mind each night (before falling asleep) about the excitement of doing the "task" next day, and I loved falling asleep quickly to wake up next morning- feeling fresh and enthusiastic, to take on my day and the tasks- happily.

All I did was: "started responding to my "creative restlessness, and learned to focus on things that truly matters to me-first thing in the morning, while trying to follow the pattern rest of the day."

So these are few of the things I try doing after I wake up each morning. Hope you find them helpful too. Feel free to just pick the ones you think you can, and leave the rest:

  • Wake up feeling determined each morning like; "you are capable of moving a mountain, or you can bring a change in the world, or you can make your life an inspiration for others." Whatever the thought is, it should be mighty big enough to wake you up each morning; even before the world wakes up.
  • Do one task each morning (after you wake up) that truly excites you.
  • Learn to love what you do.
  • Each night update your next day's passion-list or creativity-list. But please be sure to know the things beforehand, that excites you, or you are passionate about doing it.
  • Try doing something new each day; or do the things that you have a desire (deep down inside you) to do.In this process of trying new things, you may find that you have a flair or a talent that you never knew about before; and you can always add new abilities to your talent list. And those tasks that make you.
  • Read few pages from your favorite book, or browse through your favorite blogs- first thing in the morning; while sipping your favorite caffeinated drink.

Creating a routine where you can bring more energy and happiness into your life while preparing yourself up for the success is what we need for creating a "new us." Let's start now, and make this year a 'year of better changes, a year of healthy choices, a year of beautiful functional mind, and a year of kindness and gratitude.
Hope you all are having a great start of the year. Just Be You. Do More. Learn More. And Be An Inspiration for others This Year.
Don't forget to leave me your thoughts about this post below. And if you really liked it, please do share with your friends, fans, and readers.
Looking forward to an amazing year 2017 for all of you and also for me- in every aspect.


  1. I used to love early mornings, like you I used them to start the day off right... I would like to get back to that... I think 6 am is early enough for me though... especially now that I work from home. I am going to start Yoga and I think the morning would be the best time to get going, a great way to start my day... like how I used to walk before I was injured... xox

  2. What a wonderful read! :) I also didn't use to like mornings but that has completely changed. Although I'm more productive in mornings, I also like to start my day doing things that I love and that's how I get motivated for doing what must be done :)

  3. The most important time of the day indeed. I used to not put importance to my mornings before, but I've learned that it is important, from the breakfast to my moods. Great tips!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  4. This should be the first thing people read every morning. Or the last before going to bed.

  5. Great post! Have a lovely Day! 💚💚💚

  6. love it! excellent ways to start a day, definitely I have to take some advices from here!

    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal.

  7. I do like your advice....I admit to sometimes being cranky in the morning but I'm trying to change that.


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