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If Your Closet Is Begging For A Change!

If you have been thinking lately about upgrading your wardrobe, or including some new pieces to your existing styles, then this post is for you. I believe many of us have had made some New Year resolutions to look our best, to feel the best this year- right where we are at present! And I believe you must have swept many of them under the rug- feeling frustrated and emotional about not being able to get the shape you wished for! But instead of feeling bad, how about giving your closet a serious style upgrade. Styles that can make you look wonderful, and just you.

Lately I have decided not to wait any longer (to fit into my old clothes) to get in shape, rather find styles and designs that can fit me, and will flatter my body. Therefore I have been busy upgrading my wardrobe. We often keep our "old" favorite clothes to get back in shape and wear then again, but sometimes that never happens- due to many reasons. So to avoid feeling stuck and miserable (with the body and look you have at present), try and refresh your style, and eliminate the closet doldrums.

.When we become more ware of the kind of clothes that suits our body, we can create more love for our body, and accepting the flaws becomes easier. Accepting our body as it is so very important!

Changes are always intimidating for me; especially if it is about trying out new styles, and new clothes. But I love trying out "different new" outfits; particularly the ones that I feel I will be more comfortable wearing it! I love to experiment new styles and prints.


If you wish to try some new collections, go out today and buy the designs that can define your personality (but don't spend too much! :);)). Styles that fit you well and make you feel confident and more stylish. "We are changing every day." Our body goes through several changes every single day, so we must learn to embrace and respect the change. Wear clothes that can speak about you, even without you giving your introduction.

We can never have enough of styles to add to our wardrobe. So don't feel anything, just try every small possible reasons to 'feel your best' all-the-time. If your closet is begging you for a change, go for it.

I learn a little-more every day about myself. And something I have discovered: "self-love and self-respect is the foundation of lasting joy in life. Learn to laugh with your flaws, and to grow and get better and better with your strengths.

I love simple yet unique styles. And I'm glad to have found few picks for my wardrobe upgrade. I'm always drawn to the colors, prints, and styles that can look good on me. Life gets so easier when you can find the exact styles you've been looking for! So start this year with a new collection of the designs and colors- you wished to have in your closet. Flaunt your best styles and create a signature fashion statement starting this year.

Do let me know what you think about incorporating new colors, styles, and designs into your wardrobe? What do you do when you feel your closet is demanding a change or an upgrade? I'm waiting to hear from you.

I wish you all a Beautiful Stylish Fashionable #Weekend :)


  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

    1. Thank you very much, Dear for reading my posts every time and leaving me such lovely comments.

  2. Lovely photos :)

    Greetings from Belgrade :)

    1. Thank You, Milica. Glad you liked them.
      Thank you for visiting me.

  3. Gorgeous ! a simple combination that results very well !
    グッチ 服

  4. When I want to refresh my closet, I always make sure to check what I already have in my closet- to do an inventory of sorts. Then I try to write down what I need and think about what I should buy. It is also a good idea to be inspired by a particular style or a colour- we should think about things we really like. I think we should only buy clothes we know we will wear.

    I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you that we shouldn't wait to get in shape, we should embrace our body and dress the way we want -immediately. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thank you so much, Ivana for all the wonderful comments and thoughts you have shared with me. Glad you liked my posts. Thank you once again for reading and leaving me your wonderful comments.

      Wishing You A Wonderful Week ahead..xo

  5. First of all I want to thank you for your lovely and kind comments. You've really made my day and you're definitely one the nicest persons I've "met" around here :)
    I really enjoyed this post and I totally agree with what you said. Clothes and fashion in general should be fun and easy, soemthing that can make us feel better, something that would allow us to enjoy being ourselves and love ourselves. We are constantly changing and so do our preferences, moods, figure, taste in clothes etc. It's a never-ending process and it's important to organize our clothes every now and then, see what works for us, sell/donate what doesn't and buy things that we actually really love. I love so many different styles that I feel it makes my clothing slightly more complicated but on the other hand, it's cool to wear one thing today and tomorrow something completely different...
    By the way, I really like the items on the photos ;)
    Have a fantastic week! :) <3

  6. I love the pictures everything looks amazing and great!
    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal


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