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15 Simple Things To Do That Can Make You Happy Today

My Daughter's Drawing :)
If I ask, "What makes you 'happy'?" 
You will probably have many answers. 
But what if I ask you; "Do you feel happy every single day?", "Are you a happier person in your daily life?"
We all want to stay happy all-the-time. Don't we? But life comes in between and our efforts to stay positive, to stay joyful takes the backstage. While some factors that add to our happiness are out of  our control, but still there's more hope towards improving our "happiness project" of life. Instead of waiting for the happy moments to happen, how about we create simple lighter moments- to ease out any kind of unhappy, sad, fearful emotions- that arrive us every now and then! 

There are so many factors that add up to your 'unhappy thoughts.' At first learn to avoid those circumstances (if you can), and make a list of your favorite things to-do. Next things to consider are the activities/actions that I'm going to list below. Pick the ones that you feel are suitable for you, and let go the rest,.
Doesn't matter where you are right now (while reading this post), try out these simple ideas to amp up those good feelings within you:

1. Look in the mirror and make all kinds of silly faces at yourself. Choose the one that makes you repeat. For me it's always my smile :) I love to flaunt my smile- even at the mirror.

2. If you are at work, walk to your manager, or to your immediate senior and ask for few minutes of their time. Discuss your ideas on how you would like to improve or add to team's efficiency- by participating, or by doing some courses that will also add up to your skills and efficiencies. Learn something new each day.

3. Make a statement- Go to the loo, and wash you face with nice cold water, and put on a darker shade of lipstick, and/or some scented hand cream, or mascara, or eye liner/kajal- anything that will make you feel wonderful . Let your 'good' colleague friends or peers talk about how good you look in that shade. P.S: It may happen that you won't get any comments, but you will always create some kind of attention for yourself :) 

4. Take a small break and go for a walk all by yourself and revisit your achievements, and the moments that made you feel special, and you felt like; you too belong in this world; because your contribution matters- at work, in your kid's life, for friends, for family, for your readers, and for your fans/subscribers.

5. Chat or send an email to the co-workers' or to the colleagues who helped you when you needed the most! Say a simple 'Thank You,' for all the help they offered you. We all need help some time in life. 

6. Invite your favorite person from your workplace for having a cup of tea or coffee with you-during office breaks, and discuss your weekend plans. Pick the things that you find exciting or you wish to do it for yourself or for anybody else. Usually any kind of 'positive happy' conversations can create happy thoughts and the required motivation instantly.

7. Read through your achievement/ well-done emails at-least for 5 mins; especially when you're feeling completely demotivated and stressful. Those emails will help you kick-start  your pending tasks- with great enthusiasm.

8. Quickly browse through your most favorite website/blog to see what new styles you can create, or what new post(s) you must write next.

9. If outside the house and not at work- (don't feel guilty to) treat yourself. Buy yourself some beautiful flowers, or gifts, or ice-cream, a nice coffee mug, or some kind of jewelries.

10. If at home- play hide & seek with your kids, or run with them, play with your pet, capture their lovely moments in the camera, water your plants, remove all the dried leaves or stems from them, and if houseplants- change their places to a more sunlit area, or somewhere they can get more light, paint your nails, apply some nice perfume or hair cream, organize your closet, try your favorite statement jewelries and take lots of selfies, read through your kid's journals/school works, iron your husband's shirts.

11. Dance or jump rope.

12. Take a long uninterrupted nap. Wake up feeling beautiful.

13. Go online and leave some positive happy vibes around the social media. Pick up some good blogs, websites, magazines and leave a happy comment appreciating the author's work. Make someone's day, because what you send out- comes back.

14. Plan for some new outfits/make-up/shoes/jewelry/hairstyle for the evening.

15. Watch something really really really funny, and laugh uncontrollably.

Now you have so many ways to make yourself feel happy today. Just get-up, get going, and be unstoppable. Take control of your happiness- amidst all kind of worries and fears.

Do let me know what do you do to make yourself feel happy instantly? If you have any more suggestions/ideas to add to the list in this post, please feel free to share with us in the comments below.

P.S. All the above drawings are done by my daughter Yutika. She is in grade one now. And she loves creating such cartoons. I'm one lucky mom to find such cute expressions/impressions for my blog  use :) You will see more of such drawings in future posts too. Hope you like them:)


  1. I love these. They really are effective ways.

  2. Very good strategies. And I love that you added your daughter's drawings.

  3. your daughter is very talented. I love her drawings, they are so positive...and they match your text quite nicely.

    Wonderful inspiration. Sometimes little things make all the difference for our state of being...happiness can be achieved with things you listed!

  4. i always look for comfort food to make me happy. Love ur motivating words. keep them coming.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  5. A great entry, I love your blog !!! happy day!!!

  6. Epsita, I don't think anyone is happy all day, everyday but you are right, we can work on it daily with small things... I like the one about just thanking others and letting them know how great you think they are... I find reading blogs helps to lift me up, reading other peoples thoughts and find words that I hope will show them that they inspire me... Have a great week xox

  7. I love looking in the mirror and making silly faces as well. Great advice lady!

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413

  8. Love the ideas for being happy. I can definitely try some of these .. particularly the one about playing with my daughter :)


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