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Finding My Happiness- Back In Spring

I might be little late in writing this post about #Springmotivation. But I guess I can welcome and celebrate #Spring the whole March. For me spring indicates, "end of dull gloomy winter days; and looking forward to many  new and exciting things in life; everything feels so fresh, new, charged, and electrifying and inspiring."
For me spring is also about witnessing nature's magical creations, new life, more outdoor activities, and definitely more of sunshine. This is the reason I love love hot sunny days. Winter happens to be my least favorite time of the year; except for the fact that I get to capture beautiful pictures, and also I get to wear layers :)

There's so much going around these days- spring sales, cleaning, home decoration with all spring decor accessories, many are updating their wardrobes with spring-inspired prints, colors, and patterns. There's so much of enthusiasm and happiness all-around during this time of the year. Feels just amazing!
I was equall…

The ABCs of How To Feel Beautiful Everyday

Most of us have days when we don't feel pretty at all, or we don't like to look in the mirror, or totally hate when we hardly fit into our favorite outfits. Stressing out about anything has never had any solutions. We must own those parts of ourselves, we have always wanted to get rid off, those parts of us; we think make us not-beautiful. I know how hard it is to feel beautiful all-the-time; because what you feel from inside reflects outside- in your overall appearance.
But before I share some simple ways to 'feel beautiful' every single day, I want you to remember something; "It is okay to be different, to have imperfections, to not-love few parts of ourselves. It is absolutely okay!"
But it is not okay to be someone, that we aren't in real!  I feel "being awesome" is more prettier than being beautiful. Next time when you feel, "you aren't pretty, you are not smart, or you aren't worthy; just try to remember those moments that made y…

My Favorite 25 Quotes For 'Not Giving Up'

I want to begin today's post with a Big Thank You! :) Thank you for all the wonderful comments you left me in my last post. Truly, you made me feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Our connection is 'very special.'- beyond all obligations. My blogging friends and readers have a very special place in my life, and I am so glad to tell you that, "you make me feel important. I feel belonged. I feel determined and motivated (all-the-time) to continue my journey towards achieving my dream. So Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support. I wish to bring you more positive and inspiring posts in the coming days. So please stay with me!
Life is never as beautiful as it looks on our social pages. Agree?  But we try (really) hard to keep it beautiful and happening even in our real lives. Doesn't matter what comes our way, we must keep going to achieve "best results" in life- be it in your career, at work, or in personal…