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The ABCs of How To Feel Beautiful Everyday

Most of us have days when we don't feel pretty at all, or we don't like to look in the mirror, or totally hate when we hardly fit into our favorite outfits. Stressing out about anything has never had any solutions. We must own those parts of ourselves, we have always wanted to get rid off, those parts of us; we think make us not-beautiful. I know how hard it is to feel beautiful all-the-time; because what you feel from inside reflects outside- in your overall appearance.

But before I share some simple ways to 'feel beautiful' every single day, I want you to remember something; "It is okay to be different, to have imperfections, to not-love few parts of ourselves. It is absolutely okay!"

But it is not okay to be someone, that we aren't in real! 
I feel "being awesome" is more prettier than being beautiful. Next time when you feel, "you aren't pretty, you are not smart, or you aren't worthy; just try to remember those moments that made you feel worthy of yourself. Re-visit those words/compliments that made you feel- you are much more than just 'being beautiful.' 

Stop! being harsh on yourself and accept your positive unique qualities. Trust me, these are the things  that make you attractive and "special." Decide you are beautiful and don't let any kind of criticisms or negative remarks bother you. You are your authority. So you must decide how you look upon yourself. 

We can easily get distracted by all the kinds of beauty representations we see around these days- everywhere. So as per those standards, we may not even fit into the "perfect beauty" category; but it is you who can set that standard for your own self-worth. 

"Looking smart and feeling awesome about oneself is important than being prettier."

I am no different when it comes to not-feeling-pretty and attractive some days! I wish too to look the same each day- but changes are inevitable. We can't stop the process! So instead of beating ourselves up for Not looking beautiful, can we embrace those "new changes" and see what we can do to amp our physical appearance. 

Yes! that's where the magic lies. To create a look, to feel your BEST every single day; by accepting who you're becoming. So here's a few of the "magical" ways I try to feel best about myself, my body, my beauty, and about my skin each single day. I hope you find them helpful too:

1. Accept

Accept your flaws. Love your imperfections and know that you can't be like somebody else. Let people hate you for how you look; but you know your worth, you know many loves you- for being just YOU! Accept the fact that you are "NOT perfect, or you are NOT smart, or NOT attractive, or NOT fashionable, or DO NOT meet the standards of (today's) modern day beauty requirements. So accept it, and make peace with yourself. Become more self-aware of who you really are, and practice self-acceptance.

2. Appreciate

Appreciate what you are blessed with. Embrace yourself and flaunt your best features. Take care of the parts of you; you think you can change and or improve, whilst loving the parts that are not-so-pretty or not-so-perfect! But don't forget to love yourself- no matter how you look! 

3. Create an Attractive Aura

I am always attracted to people; with some amazing magnetic personalities. I admire their every move- the way they carry themselves- fearlessly, confidently, and in a pretty stylish way. Build that charisma. Make your presence fill the room or the atmosphere with some amazing positive vibes, and with some, "I am me, I am unique attitude." 

4. Change your Attitude 

 Change the way you have looked upon yourself in all these years. Try to build your confidence- with regards to your look and appearance. See how and where you can begin with, transforming yourself in a better way- that will make you feel confident and equally important. "You become what you think." So, think positive and good about your physical appearance and you can see the difference.

5. Calm all kinds of Comparisons and Criticisms' with Compassion.

Let the world throw heavy negative remarks at you, but you try to make peace within yourself. It all starts within. Every individual is fighting their own battles, so be kind enough to stop hating someone just because they look ugly or different. Love the pain or hatredness (within yourself for yourself or for others) with passion and patience.

I love this quote on compassion: "Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people." - Karen Salmansohn.

6. Turn your Disappointments into Determination.

Be determined to bring that 'good' change in your physical beauty. Don't get disheartened when you fail in first few attempts. Keep trying and do what you want to do- to look your best; or to feel your best-self.

7. Silent Shame with Support, Success, and Simplicity.

There's a lot of body shaming going around in the world. Shut them all out of your life, and focus on the good stuffs. See yourself in the mirror and find good reasons that make you uniquely pretty or smart. Work on your current personal issues. Ask yourself, what you need to change in yourself to feel more good about yourself. Connect with like-minded people with similar interests, or who can help you with some good tips and advises. Seek help from family and friends. Ask your "close supportive" friends for their opinion. While you work upon your imperfections, also try to celebrate your greatness, your greatest qualities, and your BEST features alongside.

8. Peace Perfection with Self-Love.

We all crave for that word, "perfect"- perfect body, perfect hair, perfect look, perfect skin, perfect style, and what not! Aim at being your best self- in all ways. Ditch perfectionism and feel a million times better. 

Rather than validating your worth via others' opinion, realize your self- worth and become comfortable with who you are. You need to find what's unique and lovable about yourself.

Do leave me your thoughts about this post in the comments below, and if you really liked it please do share with your friends, and readers.


  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. My dear Epsita,
    Thank you so much for this important post. Unfortunately, I think that we are all not always good in loving and accepting ourselves. But there are so much reasons to be proud on ourselves and to love our bodies, souls and minds! I try not to take me too serious, this always helps.
    Thank you also for the wonderful words you gift to me <3 Love you.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thank You so much Rena for all the amazing feedback you leave me every time.
      Thank You always for those wonderful encouraging words.

  3. What a great post, thanks for sharing Epsita!


  4. Wonderful and perfect! I follow you blog, please follow me too.

  5. I think we all need to stop, slow down a little and think about how we talk to ourselves... I have been guilty of this and then I realize how negative I have been... I turn it around. It is a conscious decision, we seriously need to work on this daily so that we don't have those bad feelings for ourselves all the time xox

  6. Love this post!!
    Amazing tips :D

  7. Replies
    1. Thank You so much Dear
      I was so happy to see you here.
      Will soon visit your blog to know about your Adventure Trip.


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