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A Dream Is A Promise That You Make It To Yourself

So believe in your dreams. If you know few things about me; by now you'll know how much I love watching cartoons, with my kids- mostly Disney and Nick Jr. And of all; 'Sofia The First', is my favorite. Every time I see a new episode's advertisement, I get more excited than my daughter :) I am spilling another secret- source of my inspiration- kid's programs. There's so much to learn from them. I had also mentioned about this in one of my previous post (here) about how I felt motivated from Sofia The First's one of episodes.
Today's post is also inspired by this.
I was willing to write a post about "believing in your dreams," when I heard this fabulous song from Sofia The First, and I felt so inspired by the lyrics of the song, that I quickly grabbed my laptop and started writing this post.  If you can dare to dream, you must dare to believe in it too; even when nobody in this world believes in it! Believe in yourself and pursue your dreams.

How To Create A More Peaceful, Relaxed Day

"Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace." - Joan Borysenko.

Yes! That's why, what we choose matters. Inner peace and mindfulness may sound like big therapeutic words; and you may even leave my page right away, before reading any further! But before you go, just know that, "I am not going to share the tips where you will be required to take a day off  and relax, or leave everything else and meditate- only to find back your inner peace! Yes, nothing of that sort; but just to find your innerpeace of mind right where you are.

Today's post is all about finding peace by enjoying where you are in life, right now.
Forget everything for a moment; put them in a box, and lock it. Now look around yourself (right where you are). What is the first thing that you see? And does that "thing" make you happy or sad?
You will exactly see what your heart wants you to see- because how you are feeling inside will always reflect outside. This is where…