Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Dream Is A Promise That You Make It To Yourself

So believe in your dreams.
If you know few things about me; by now you'll know how much I love watching cartoons, with my kids- mostly Disney and Nick Jr. And of all; 'Sofia The First', is my favorite. Every time I see a new episode's advertisement, I get more excited than my daughter :)
I am spilling another secret- source of my inspiration- kid's programs. There's so much to learn from them. I had also mentioned about this in one of my previous post (here) about how I felt motivated from Sofia The First's one of episodes.

Today's post is also inspired by this.

I was willing to write a post about "believing in your dreams," when I heard this fabulous song from Sofia The First, and I felt so inspired by the lyrics of the song, that I quickly grabbed my laptop and started writing this post. 
If you can dare to dream, you must dare to believe in it too; even when nobody in this world believes in it!
Believe in yourself and pursue your dreams.
There's nobody in this world who doesn't like to have dreams. This is something instilled in our DNA. We all wish for so many things- to achieve. To become. And To do. But not all gets to achieve all their dreams, or to make their dreams come true. People who do not give -up, and never stops trying have only got there! They are also those people who have had complete faith in their dreams. They believed that can be possible; even if it never seemed achievable; they did not stop trying. And so true about these great wise words that says, "It always seems impossible until it is done." So do your dreams until you can make yourself believe that- you actually made it.

There are so many such people in my life, who thinks I have totally lost it- just because I live with, and I'm living for my dreams." Doesn't really matter if that is your thought- not mine.  My dreams are my inspirations that has given me wings to fly and rise above all such people and their dramas. I no more fear failures, I rise each morning with a goal, with a spirit to achieve something, do something different, and to make things happen that seemed impossible to me some time. I wake up with the energy to chase the things that were once important to me. So my dreams are my motivation- promises that I have made to myself.

If you really think you must not stop dreaming, don't! Let people laugh at you, criticize you, and make fun of you. You must not care any such distractions. Just continue working towards your dreams- be unstoppable.

I don't know what's you reasons to not believe in dreams; but this is why I love my dreams and believe in them:

1. I can never go back and change my past, but my dreams motivate me to look forward in my life. They help me stay focused and in the right path, and in the moment-without feeling any kind of guilt and regrets.

2. My dreams make my life interesting, and keeps me busy being productive. Dreams and ambitions are the reasons why we wake up each morning with lots of energy- to create the life we have always wished for, to be the person we have always wanted to see. So with this push I stay busy, stay productive, and stay inspired all-the-time. My dreams push me to go further and achieve that I have always wished for. And this is here I'm today!

3. Living with dreams feels incredible. So good that I want to live with my dreams every single day. Dreaming makes me happy, so why not? They roar to me and say, "go for your life. Go for the reasons you have always waited for in your life. Go and do it!"

4. My dreams have had helped me in bringing the best out of me. Doesn't matter if I will achieve them or not, but they are my inspirations to do my best, to give my best efforts. At least I will not have regrets that, "I never gave it a try!"

Therefore never listen to what others' have to comment about your dreams and ambitions. All you must do is -BELIEVE!

Believe you can, and therefore you must.
Believe it can be done. At least must be tried before you give-up.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you, inspire you, and believe in your dreams.

Wishing you all a Lovely #May with More Happiness and More Achievements, and More of Good Health.

What do you think? We must believe in our dreams or not? Do leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

How To Create A More Peaceful, Relaxed Day

"Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace." - Joan Borysenko.

Yes! That's why, what we choose matters. Inner peace and mindfulness may sound like big therapeutic words; and you may even leave my page right away, before reading any further! But before you go, just know that, "I am not going to share the tips where you will be required to take a day off  and relax, or leave everything else and meditate- only to find back your inner peace! Yes, nothing of that sort; but just to find your inner peace of mind right where you are.

Today's post is all about finding peace by enjoying where you are in life, right now.
Forget everything for a moment; put them in a box, and lock it. Now look around yourself (right where you are). What is the first thing that you see? And does that "thing" make you happy or sad?
You will exactly see what your heart wants you to see- because how you are feeling inside will always reflect outside. This is where #inspirations will help you see the best around in your life! Make use of all your senses. See and feel anything that seems interesting or inspiring. Gather your whole self and bring it to the present moment.

Whenever we feel stressed out, all we would want to do is, "just sit quietly, relax, recharge, or find a calm place for ourselves; but do you think it is always possible to get away from the present circumstances and feel peaceful? Not always!
The only way to find how to do it is, "by figuring out what works for you." Not everyone can do some kind of immediate breathing exercises, or a quick yoga to calm themselves down, or to feel less-stressful! But we can practice various ways to focus our mind to the conscious decision we can make quickly, and feel better- by "finding peace by enjoying right where we are."
Inner peace comes from appreciating life- with all it's ups and downs. It's about doing what you can, and knowing that no matter what you do; or how you be- you are sure to face challenges. Make peace  within yourself, and accept all that is happening with you now, today, or tomorrow. Even if we try, we can't avoid the adversities. Know that it is okay with whatever happens. Once we agree to whatever is happening (at present) in our life, or to our relationships, or in our career, at work, with friends- everything- gets easier to accept the fact! We will slowly stop blaming ourselves, and cursing our fate- when things doesn't work out as we expect them to be! We will learn to slow down, aim high while working hard and in an honest way. Being honest with our emotions, with all kinds of feelings is so very important to maintain our sanity, to stay sane under stress. And all these things happens with continuous practice. 

I am learning to, "change the way I see my thoughts, and changing the way I deal with them. I am learning to accept most parts of me- good or bad." Only when I make peace with my own self (in every way), I will be able to find peace around me. No matter what comes, life goes on. So the realization; that it is crucial to laugh and enjoy life while we can- changed me, changed my attitude towards feeling frustrated, empty, or unfortunate. I have promised myself to live my best every moment- no matter what life throws at me!

I know I am writing after a long time again; but I hope you like this post.
Don't forget to leave me your thoughts in the comments below. I am going to visit each one of you, and my  regular favorite blogs too- to catch up with all the older posts. I missed you all so much; but with weather getting better and more outdoor activities, and kids growing up so very fast; I'm hardly finding time to sit down and write, or to take any blog pictures. Also, really trying hard to read more; because I have got soooo many interesting books lately- from library and also from the bookstores. I will also do some posts to share my favorite books/reads with you all.
I am trying my best to write and post some interesting/inspiring topics in the blog. So stay with me-always. Please!

Wishing You All Lots of Sunshine, Outdoor Life, and More Happy Days Ahead.

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