Saturday, May 27, 2017

What My Houseplants Taught Me

My love for having lots of plants in my house started in 2016. I always wanted to create a "positive" inspiring atmosphere in my house- and also there are so many benefits to adding indoor plants to your home!

I clearly remember how my love for plants and gardening started! My late grandfather  was the inspiration behind creating a beautiful green garden, all throughout his life. And as a kid I always loved being around them!

Sometimes, I try to just close my eyes and wander in those beautiful childhood memories.

After him, the next person who made me fall in love with the plants is- my mother. In fact all my "talents" are the gifts I have received from her. I always loved the way she cared (even today) for her tiny garden on our rooftop patio.
Seeing your plants grow is a beautiful feeling. Try it today?!


It's no secret (anymore) to know about the benefits of indoor plants- they aren't just the decor elements, but contribute a lot to our mental and physical health and happiness. It is going to be an year living with all of my indoor plants; and I would like to share the life lessons they have taught me:

"Bloom Where You Are Planted"

The choice to grow where we are moved in life- by choice, or involuntarily can be really tough. But these plants are such inspirations to me- when I observed them closely, I could see how difficult it was for them to grow happily  at my place; but slowly and steadily they adapted to change, and started to bloom. Sometimes we must (like the) change to grow.

Pay Attention To Your Body & Health Needs

Like our body, plants go through many changes. But any kind of  sudden changes (in our body/ in a plant) hints to  an alarming condition-that may require more care and some small tweaks to our daily routine. Very similar with my indoor plants; "Every time I saw some unusual behavior in their growth or look; I knew something wasn't right, and I paid close attention to- what I was not doing right!" In similar way, we must pay attention to our body needs and take care of our health requirements too.

Plants Take Time to Grow- We Need Ample Amount of Time To Grow Too!

Success or a fully-grown healthy plant needs time! We all do. Don't we?

By enjoying the small progress and by celebrating our tiny efforts we can realize- we are growing! Growing to reach our dreams, growing to create a life/a body/ a plant we are ought to be; or growing to be the person we want to be. "Success is the result of growing patiently and little-by-little every single day."

Let Go Everything That is Spreading Negative Energy in Your Life 

I learned from my houseplants that," anything that does not support and value you- it is better to release them from your life. Anything that does not add to your happiness and creates lots of negative energy around you, or in your life; it is okay to let them go away. Our surroundings matter, how we react to those around us, or how we are made to feel every single day definitely matters! So to keep ourselves positive and motivated all-the-time, we must focus on the (or create the) environment that is happy and healthy for us too!

"Start Small But Move To Big"

Some plants started growing in a small pot, but slowly they began to expand and spread; as they needed a bigger space to grow and to sustain their needs. When we outgrow our talents or qualities, we might need some new bigger challenges to showcase our abilities, and in order to do that; sometimes we must move to "bigger" challenges and must change organizations or places too! Growth happens when we constantly move whilst finding new opportunities for own selves.

The Infinite Power of Hope- That Helps Me To Start Over

Some days, when I thought the plant almost died and I will never get it back (I gave upon my efforts that I cared so much for!), I saw something was still growing way, way inside the pot- and gave me the hope that, " I should not give up my efforts. There's still hope that the plant can survive, and I must continue my efforts to take care of it, to take care of my dreams and my favorite "work." And I would start all over again feeling determined and motivated. "Hope's magic sparkles."

I know I am not being consistent in posting from past couples of months; but believe me, I am trying really hard, but there's so much to do and there is so little time! But I will not give up!

Thank you for still being there and for all your love and support. I always feel blessed to have you all in my life. Thank You So Much!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

6 Quick Things You Can Do For Yourself- On a Budget

"Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive."

This beautiful quote sums up everything (also is a reminder),  about all that we need in life- to feel happy, to relax, to slow down, to find inner peace, and to pamper oneself quiet often. Happiness in life is all about- feeling happy everyday- which is not easy in the present world. When we are constantly threatened by competition, success, and building the "perfect lifestyle," staying happy can be a serious issue. Who knew even after having "it all," we can't experience 'true' happiness and inner peace?
Finding true joy in life is no competition. It is more of an awareness, a self-realization that; " we can stay happy if we want to be!" There might be many reasons to make you feel unsatisfactory with your current situation; but there's also much more reasons you can find- to build the blocks of your "happiness tower."


As Anthony J. D' Angelo has aptly said~ ~ "The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention."

It can be easy to drown yourself in day-to-day worries. And only few continue to smile and swim away gently from those fearful monsters called- 'problems'; only with the hope that-they will too pass soon! "I am trying to be one among them!" I am practicing to distance myself from all kinds of worries I have at present, and to breathe, to stay calm in all adversities, and to hold on to faith.  "Some of my friends think I have no problems in my life- may be because I share happy smiling pictures with them on social media. I believe it's fine if they are thinking this way. This helps me to understand that- I am trying to 'share the best parts of me with everyone; and I am working hard to take control of my life- my way!

I constantly look for things where I can focus my mind, and my thoughts- to feel relaxed, and to connect with myself. Some days I get over my worries easily, other days I try harder to find a way out to make myself feel good again, to feel alive again.

So here's what I do to listen to my inner-self, to calm my emotions, and to take a detour when mind seems blocked:

1. Time for myself

Finding time to nurture my body and nourish my mind is the best gift I very often give to myself. When I allow myself to have some "me" moments to unwind and de-stress, I  feel more energetic, and kind of more productive to do everything in a better calm way. I give myself moments to relax and slow down, sometimes even to shut-down- all that bothers me- and to be just me- like a little fearless child.

2. Another chance

To revisit my mistakes, my failures, my unhappy moments! I give myself permission to visit them all again and see if I can find a better way to make it happen. I allow myself to do what I love, and to do what is important for me.

3. To escape

I give myself permission to say 'no' to things I cannot do, or cannot be! When it seems hard to control, I escape from them for a while (until I find myself the courage to face them again.) This is when I absorb myself completely in doing creative things like- photographing nature, capturing special moments of my kids in my camera, or in my diary, dancing with my son and daughter, singing all by myself, or painting my nails, organizing my wardrobe, dressing up etc.

4. Peace of mind

I try to stop myself feeling worried; and focus on the day- like; how best I can spend one day of my life. So have faith (yes! just hold on to your faith) that everything will settle and will be okay. To calm my fears and stubborn emotions- I reach out to friends, my family, and most of times I look for the book, that can speak to me.

5. Pamper your body, highlight your beauty, and if possible take a vacation, or a short break from your roles and responsibilities.

6. Find your passion and purpose

These two things drive my life. I will be nowhere without them inside me. We are all earning to live, and to let live; but how many of us truly enjoys what we do? We are all riding on a no-motivation life vehicle; where nobody cares about the words like; "passion, and purpose." But the secret to me 'being happy' is more about what I do every day, how passionate I am all about doing it- anyways!

It's time we start looking at our lives as purposeful, passion-filled journeys.

If we look hard enough, we can find moments of joy in every day. For the days when nothing seems like working; I try creating new to-do lists to feel happy and joyful again.

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