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21 Fun Things To Do All By Yourself

You really need guts to be surrounded by people all-the-time! I know what you must be thinking right now; that what an introvert she is? But let me tell you something before you create any kind of impression about me; "I have always loved being in my own company than with others. But I am not a loner, not an introvert either! I just love spending time alone- while never getting bored. I always have zillions of things to do in my list- some boring stuffs (that are exciting to dos' for me), some productive and motivating stuff, and many endless chores. I like keeping myself occupied any time of the day- even now (at 2:30 am in the night when people are fast asleep). It is so much fun to find things to do- that excites you, that encourages you, and that inspires you in your life!

"I have a long way to go before I sleep."

So I'm so restless. I have so many things to achieve, so many promises to fulfill (that I have made to myself). How can I be bored and demotivated??

I have plenty of such stuffs, that I would like to share with you today. If you are anything like me (who just wants to wander in her thoughts and in her dreams), then you will love reading further.
I agree, doing something solo requires you to be brave and independent. But there are many more things that can be done alone without having you go to far away unknown lands, or riding a roller coaster all-by-yourself! I can never even imagine doing all these just by myself or in company.

But it is important to make room for some alone time- in a pleasant way- to recharge, to re-evaluate, to re-visit, to rekindle, to rejuvenate, to refresh, to restart, and to reactivate yourself. There's so much hatred, competition, jealousy, comparison, fears, and insecurities around us, and to deal with each of them, you must prepare your mind to act calmly or to become ignorant about each of these negative things around us. So, spending time just with yourself every once in a while is a must to survive in the present world.

I have just started reading this book. This was always in my must-read list, and finally got a hold of it. I am sure by the time I finish reading it, I will feel more inspired to be alone and independent.  I will be prepared to take on this world and all kinds of people living in it (though I will still have some fears)! I am a very big fan of author Elizabeth Gilbert.

So here is a list of 15 things I would love doing all-by-myself :)

1. Taking a long solo walk all by myself ( but not in the woods, definitely!)

2. Shopping new lipstick/lip gloss colors after a long 2-3 hours of browsing all the brands and the available  products in the store.

3. Browsing and shopping books (even different genres) in a book store for long long hours- all by myself.

4. Treating myself my favorite food or snacks in a food joint or in a restaurant.

5. Talking to a lady (who is a stranger to me, but smiles at me and says hi!) for long hours sharing some stories, whilst listening to some of her stories. Best way to feel inspired, motivated, and to practice feeling comfortable talking to people ( I often do that. I love how two unknown people find a connection to exchange their stories and or experiences).

6. Playing with paint colors, or glitters, or bubbles :)

7. Riding a bike/bicycle.

8. Learning the names of new flowers, or plants in a plant nursery near me.

9. Learning some home improvement ideas from YouTube, or from your handyman- and doing it all by yourself the next time- your house needs small repairs here and there.

10. Organizing and sorting your emails, bookmarks, and your "favorites."

11. Begin writing my life's story-secretly.

12. Do research online for some your favorite websites to explore on any of the subjects that may interest you. This way I also get to add more to my favorite reads.

13. Wear your favorite cologne or perfume all day long to perk up your spirit.

14. Take as many pictures as you can in a day, and create a album of your memories. Doesn't really matter how well the photographs are clicked; just keep clicking everything you do in a day- even when you think you do something that's out of your schedule, or regular routine, or anything unnecessary. Just click!

15. Make a scrapbook that may contain either your favorite memories, or your favorite pieces of articles, or favorite styles, or fashion tips and updates. Just cut and paste, and later decorate the pages with stickers, arts, sketches, and with some words.

16. Sew new clothes/dresses by hand, or fix any repairs by hand stitching.

17. Reorganize your room with color codes or patterns.

18. Go browsing and shopping some ( not expensive) home decors, stationary, some inspiring or fun quotes for walls decors, try finding some new spices; and then spend time decorating your home and kitchen.

19. Take a free class, or any paid class (if you can) to learn some new skills you have always wanted to develop, or to learn more about a particular subject you wish to know about!

20. Working or writing your project, story, article from a coffee shop- all by yourself.

21. Creating lists of helpful tips/ or my experience list, or things to adore, or things to avoid, how to deal, etc. or on any subject- that might help others. It can be on any topic you would like to write and share on social media. Just be kind and help someone today!

Hope you like the list, but do not hesitate to share (in the comments below) the fun things you do alone, or would like to do it all by yourself!

 We took a family vacation to see Las Vegas and Disneyland, California, and I'm back feeling refreshed and motivated. I have lots to share in the coming posts. So stay with me.


  1. Hi dear! Great list :)
    I don't know, I always do everything on my own! I would love to go abroad all alone! I never did that but I'd love to try :D

    1. Thank You Lory. That's so brave of you! I have never imagined travelling alone to far away places until today, but if life makes me do that some day I'm sure I will give it a try definitely.

      Thank you once more!

  2. Great list of fun activities. I love reading so that's one of my favourite solitary activities. It is also wonderful to research some topic of interest. I think that learning new things keeps our mind young and active. Learning or developing some new skill, studying a new language....why not?

  3. I do many of the things you listed. But I have to say 21. is most inspiring for me. Thank you for that one. :)

    Kathy's delight I Instagram I Facebook

  4. Dear Epsita,
    This is so familiar to me! I have always so many things to do before I go to sleep :) It never happens I'm bored and what you list here makes in all respects sense to me and I like the ideas!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. You certainly have quite a list! I enjoy spending time alone too. People tend to confuse it with being antisocial or unproductive but I always keep busy.

  6. Taking long walk is definitely top of my list! Glad someone enjoys this too. I'm going to try your other suggestions too!

  7. I am long overdue to fix up my room. I keep saying I have to go get paint but still haven't been able to. I do love walks alone too. Sometimes it's nice to just spend that time alone and clear your mind.

  8. Thanks for share all these tips


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