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6 Must-Follow Habits Of Stylish People

While there are no strict rules or to-do-list to follow, to look stylish, but there are few habits ( we must adore) that every stylish women adhere to, when they create a stunning outfit every single day. While for many, fashion is either an internal thing, or just an external thing; but I believe what you wear reflects the affair between internal and external you. How well you want to present yourself to the world!" If you're still wondering: 'How can my fashion choices make any difference?" Our clothing choices impact the behavior of others around us, and have true impact on the way we are perceived in the society. Therefore, we must dress up for  the kind of message we want to send out to the world around us. But it is also true that wearing "big labels" every time will not make you highly fashionable!

"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you. " - Ralph Lauren

A clear understanding of yourself inside out is one of the way to become a stylish woman. Seeing and feeling the best version of yourself adds up to your clothing choices too- when we better understand our body, skin, and looks. 

So here's a list of some wonderful habits of stylish women- that keep them on top of  the fashion know-how and styling tricks:

1. They browse and follow style inspiration, but don't copy exactly what they see.

Knowing who you are (in person or in your profession), and what can look good on you is the trick to look fabulous. 

2. They only wear clothes that fit, and flatter.

A key to being stylish also involves wearing best fitting clothes for your body.  So they stock their wardrobe with similarly flattering dresses and shirts/tops, and always look stunning- in all kinds of outfits.

3. Plan their outfit in advance.

Yes! A planned occasion-approved outfit saves their day. They look prepared, and fashionably skilled to present themselves to the world. This trick can save your time, and will help you become more productive. Morning struggles to pull out one perfect outfit for your office, or for your meeting can be avoided, when you plan your outfits (and keep it ready every time) in advance., and you can save your drive, your excitement, and your powers of productivity.

4. 'Steal the show' with a "perfect" accessory.

Even if these "stylish idols" fail to impress the crowd or the camera with their  not-so-flattering, or over-sized, wrinkled jeans, they do the trick of - making their accessory grab all the attention whilst ignoring the flaws. They love donning a perfect accessory to steal the show.

5. Never ditch their personal style for trends/demands.

They never leave rocking their signature personal styles- for the trends and  for any kind of public demands. 

6. They can find something to wear (and at the same time look fabulous!) almost anywhere.

They know how to style themselves according to their own taste, so they are never afraid or shy to enter any kind of store. All because they know that; they can always find something good for creating their style . 

To put together a good look, you don't always need to wear labels, or designers, or too-tight, or too-loose, or too-short, or too-long, or trendy, or just classics, or ill-fitting clothes;  rather a stylish women knows well how to pull her whole look together. She knows how mixing some tight jeans with loose shirts/tops will create a great outfit.  She also knows well to mix and match trendy with classics. And they know; "that you don't have to be necessarily rich to be stylish." 

The daily grind of dressing, grooming, and looking the best, never ends for any woman. It is also difficult to make your own fashion choices for yourself everyday, because we must dress up appropriately for our work, and for the clients we work with, and for making a good impression about ourselves. 

Any day if you fail to keep up with this "rule", put-on any dress, but confidence! Confidence is the key to looking your best all-the-time and in any clothing. If you can carry yourself very well in a really fancy gown paired with sneakers, that might even turn into a new fashion; and you will not be surprised if you see many more women wearing the same combination for the occasions! 

Styling one own self is a creative task. Find your perfect fitting, the designs that make you stand out, the colors that rule your personality kingdom, and the secret about creating some great outfits using the basics- are the secrets to looking stylish like any other smart women! 

If you know any other habits of any stylish women (you know), then please share with us in the comments below. Also do leave me your thoughts about this post in the comments. You know! I love to hear from you all.


  1. I'm so not stylish at all haha! If it's black, grey or denim... I'll purchase it!

    Good tips if I decide to step my game up though!

    Jaynie Shannon*


  2. Style is what you do with fashion. Great tips, dear!

  3. Hello dear! Great post :)
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  4. I'm living by this quote
    Never ditch their personal style for trends/demands.

  5. Hi dear, i'm new follower on your blog, can you follow me on my blog? :)


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