Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Easy Tips To Create Your Sweet Life

A "sweet life" isn't the absence of difficulties, failures, struggles, insecurities, or wanting more." But, a life turns out to be sweet when we are truly alive, we laugh often, we make mistakes, we learn, we start, over and over again, we learn to accept changes and delays, we try to be patient when our plans fail and when our focus changes; life becomes sweet when we practice mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives, when  we start to focus on what's important, when we create something amazing with the available knowledge and resources, and last but not the least- when we find happiness in the midst of our daily struggles.

I just finished reading this amazing inspiring book by Author Dulce Candy Ruiz. A true life story; where there is struggle, fear, uncertainties,  dream, hope, courage, hard work, positive attitude, and lots and lots of inspiring takeaways. "We must be passionate about what we do, what we want to do, and then do it at any cost." I feel lucky, when I get to (grab and devour such amazing books) learn from such amazing influential authors, who share insightful stories of success and failure in order to help us find the confidence to step up and and reach our goals.

 I want to say that, "I loveeee this book, and couldn't put it down until I finished reading just in three days." After I read her book, I admire her even more. I found this book very inspiring, and this post is inspired by the book

So here's what I learned about all the essential 'ingredients' we would need for creating our very own sweet life. I have already started using some of these ingredients, and the rest I will apply soon in my daily life.

1. Never let your dream die.

Your dreams were given to you for a reason, so believe in them! Your dream defines your uniqueness, your talent, your purpose in this life; so never ever throw away any of them from yourself.

If you are not in a position to pursue your dream today, don't worry. Just work hard and learn from all the available resources to get there some day. Learn new things each day, Practice, Try incorporating in your work, Fail, and Repeat.

2. Focus only on what you want in life.

May be whoever we're becoming as we are growing up and getting older, is exactly who we're supposed to be. Our preferences are changing, our values shifting, and we are becoming more aware about our own self with each new day. May be this shift in knowing oneself better comes with age; but whatever it is, I'm proud (of myself) to see how far I have come discovering my strengths and where I'm going to be working with them.

Don't dwell on what isn't working in your life. Focus on what's more important to you at the moment, and create a sweet life with peace and real joy.

3. Don't worry about naysayers.

Create your own opportunities, and ignore them who doesn't believe in you. If someone says you do not have the ability to do what you are doing (or want to do), or doubts your performance- just don't listen to them, and stop seeking any kind of help or appreciation from such people. Keep the faith and trust who you want to be, and what you want to achieve- and go for it.

Very few will truly appreciate your talent, and will do anything to help you- not all. So don't let anybody influence you to hold back on living your best life.

Let your unique gifts rise to the forefront. Let your creativity shine high. And let your dreams sing the victory song.

4. Develop the courage, and confidence to fulfill your greatest potential.

You must be confident and equally courageous to stand alone for your purpose- even when nobody supports you! As you tirelessly work on becoming a better person each day, you will eventually find yourself prepared for the higher version of your purpose in this life. You will get on a journey to find better things/better solutions/ better tasks for your overall well-being.

So, trust that journey and just keep going. You will soon discover the connection to the links- that started the day you discovered your new self.

5. Believe in your work.

When you start believing in your self, you will believe in your work too! When you believe in what you do, you grow and you excel. Have faith in your abilities. Work hard. Believe in yourself. Don't give up; and there's nothing you cannot accomplish.

You have just this life. Don't waste it by feeling you aren't enough, you are any less than others, or you cannot be successful. Just believe YOU CAN- and YOU WILL- one day!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What Does it Mean To Be 'Happy'?

Ah! at this moment, for me 'being happy' would mean, "completing this post and publishing it,and may be nothing else!" As I failed (again) to complete my writing yesterday (and not sure how many such yesterdays'), I was feeling disappointed- for not being able to keep up with my blogging and writing regularly.

I am practicing to go slow with my life, and not rush doing everything- being a super woman. So happiness to me is accepting that, "I cannot do everything, and perfectly! I must let go something or the other each day- just to keep a balance between my inner and outer feelings. Definitely, balancing everything (work, passion, play, and life) bring us happiness, but when we fail to do so (as so often we do!), we feel sad and frustrated, and even guilty at times!

"Happiness is finding joy in everything. And the sense of contentment, and coming to a complete peace with the present life and the present self." 

If you want to read more posts from the blog (all about happiness), visit this link:

Feeling happy is no doubt an inside job. Each time we realize this, we can become more and more happier. To me happiness means being content. It is living in the moment fully and accepting everything that is happening in my life- without any kind of comparisons. It is definitely not the absence of fear, anger, or, sufferings; but rather more openly accepting (all) not so likable parts of my life.

Ever since I realized the wonderful joy I have found by making peace and contentment (with what I am now, and where I am at present), I believed that I couldn't have asked anything better for myself!

When I reflect upon all the changes I have brought to myself in all these years, I feel so much gratitude. "Life is not a race." Everything that matters is now, or never!  But I'm on a constant hunt for improving myself (as well as my life) every single day; by reading and learning from every possible sources, by analyzing, and finding "things" that can keep me occupied and joyful at the same time!

I don't see my life as a "perfect" one; but I rather see it as a beautiful good life. And I must bring-in more happiness and satisfaction into my days. So, here are the things that I try to do, to keep my inner peace no matter what comes my way.

1. Recognize Your "bests."

Nobody else, but only you know your best talents and strengths. Recognize them enough, and feel good about it. Go for what calls you. instead of looking too far, I like living them each day- one-at-a-time.

2. Fear, but Stay Prepared.

Prepare the mind to become still, stay in peace because there are so many things that's uncontrollable; but preparing your mind to make peace with whatever happens in your life is one of the best ways to have inner peace.

3. Feel Your "Present" Life More Closely.

Absorb everything that's happening with you, around you at present. Soak up your mind with the "best" things, and try to sit down talking to yourself about everything else that seems taking away your inner peace and state of contentment. See, if analyzing and sorting all the problems can find you a way(s) to deal with them!

4. Just Sit in Absolute Calmness At least  Once In A Day.

Life is a complete chaotic affair. If you want to continue, you must develop your inner strength to deal with it; and nothing is as powerful as learning to 'calm your mind' in crisis. And sitting in absolute calmness with no noise around is a great way to strengthen that power, to react to things that happen to us every second.

5. Visual Reminders- 'How Life Is Beautiful.'

I have so many ups and downs in my life- hardly anybody can imagine; but no matter what, I don't see them as troubles anymore! I see them as challenges to bring out the best in me. They aren't threats anymore, rather opportunities to turn each of these problems into a new victory; and every time I win over them- I discover a new strength within myself. I emerge out as a stronger woman, and a fighter mom- who will do everything to see her kids smiling and leading a peaceful living. So I have put different kinds of reminders all over the house to continue believing that, "life is beautiful, and not so bad after all! There are lot of things I am grateful for and I must love my present life-without looking back at the past, or aiming at a luxurious bling life."

"Each time life has knocked me down, I have gotten back up again." That's my mantra of being happy, and believe me, I'm getting better and better at it with each passing day.

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