Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Embrace Your Present-Self With Grace And Ditch Perfection

Lots of expectations and pressure come with being a woman. And in the midst of so many demands from your partner, family, and society- it's nearly difficult to feel confident; or to keep a positive attitude about yourself or your body.

Few days back, I was browsing through my old pictures. Seeing the young me brought me some sad feelings. For a moment; I felt like, "wish I can look like this again!" The sad part of life is that- we grow, and we 'grey.' We don't remain the same (don't look the same each following day), as we were six or seven years back. Especially after marriage; and most importantly after having kids, a woman's body doesn't look the same any more- for most of us! So be gentle, kind, and patient throughout this process.

If you feel that your beauty is fading, or you don't look attractive anymore; try to look confident,  try to look smart, be graceful, and always keep that smile on your face.

What you keep telling yourself daily will appear in your daily experiences. "Believing transforms our living."

A good friend recently told me, "doesn't matter how you look these days, and if that makes you feel bad or difficult to accept some parts of you at the moment; just know that- you are so very graceful." This statement was so timely! I felt so good from deep within my soul.

 Yes! there are so many ways of dealing with any kind of imperfections- we develop over time, or we are born with! And the first way is to 'accept it'.

I want to love everything about myself- with grace- no shame, and no hiding. I embrace who I am now.
We are much more than just being pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, and attractive.
I have chosen few words that defines me. And I no more worry about being accepted, or accepting myself as per society's definition of a woman (what everybody defines a woman being "perfect."). I see that things are changing, all across the globe, and throughout the Internet- we are seeing "new" and better definitions of a woman.

You have the power to overcome the limiting beliefs that stop you from realizing your full potential and creating happiness. Stop focusing on your "flaws," and see your true self within.

I found this awesome quote while reading an article on the Internet:

Share with me in the comments below, all the personality traits you think you possess- other than being called beautiful, perfect or anything similar.

Here's a List of 'Names' that defines you, me in so many other ways. It is okay if you feel you are not-beautiful, or not-attractive. You are so much more:

Affectionate             Kind                    
Achiever                  Loving
A Good Friend        Leader
Admirable               Merciful
 Adventurous          Magical
Ageless                   Peaceful             
Adorable                 Powerful
 Ambitious              Passionate
 Awesome               Pure
 Aware                    Protector
  Artistic                 Positive

Brave                       Resilient
Blessed                     Smart
Bubble of Joy           Supportive
Beyond Fabulous     Successful
Best Manager           Stylish       
Balanced                   Strong                                                           
Bright                       Smiling Beauty
Benign                      Skillful
Boss                         Sensitive
Bold                         Simple
Bubbly                    Trustworthy
Brainy                     Thoughtful
Bundle of Energy    Talented
Best-Known           Understanding
Best-Performer       Vibrant
                                Very Patient

Best Mother
Best Daughter
Best Sister                                                                             

                                Gentle & Kind                                                                          
                                Great Personality
                                Good Listener
                                Great Lover  
                                Great Friend                                                                                                  

As I am growing older, I'm learning to redirect my focus from physical beauty and appearance to fully accepting who I am. "I will rather focus on my innate gifts, skills and talents; than worry about my look and body image!"

So next time when you find yourself doubting your own beauty, try writing down all the other great qualities- you are known for "donning." Shift your focus from your flaws/imperfections to your  positive qualities. 

"I still do what I can to look my best and presentable- with all my imperfections."

Do you like the list? I would love to hear from you about this post.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Practicing Stillness In Life

The practice of stillness can create ripples of new energy in  your life. A calm mind is the architecture of  success in life.
Turning off your mind and doing nothing is the state of 'being still.' Practicing the discipline of stillness (when life gets too crazy for me) has given me new inner strengths to deal with my 'problems.'

"While writing this post, I was reminded of this annoying (for others during those times!) habit of mine- I would complete all the work that I was supposed to do,  and then would go still, completely still for few minutes before moving on to the next task. I couldn't understand (then), the reason why I used to sit in complete stillness like this? But now when I talk to my past self; I realize that it was my way of dealing with all kinds of stress and complications."

"Being still would calm down my worries, and frustration!
I'm glad this habit has made me more patient and a realized woman."
I still practice stillness in my present life, but in a different way. There has been a huge shift in the way I look at life now. The more we attend to the unhappy  or busy parts of our life, the more restless we become. And it's very difficult to calm your racing thoughts. So much happen with us every single day; but trying to focus only on the good stuffs takes a lot of practice (I'm slowly getting better at it :))

Why We Need Stillness?

I feel slowing down or even stopping for a moment, and listening to our inner voice reveals the true needs that we have been neglecting from so many years. Personally, I feel we all need some 'still' time in a day- every day for the following reasons:

1. Stillness creates the space for new ideas or solutions to appear.

When we shut the door to avoid same old thoughts, ideas, and or worries to enter our mind, we kind of clear the clutter in our head. We connect to ourselves and to the present moment. When we book some quiet time with our own self, we can find moments to reflect on our own self.

2. It helps you to find your calm.

When you feel that everything around you is very chaotic and disturbing, find your 'stillness.' To keep calm and recreate that sparkle of joy in your life, just slow down. Be still. And feel really really better.

3. Attaches you to your spiritual health needs.

Taking charge of your health and well being is an important part of living a long healthy life. Spiritual needs connect us to our belief system and strengthens our faith and hope for tomorrow. When we create stillness through the spiritual medium (like; meditation, chanting mantras, or by praying), we not only create peace and joy in our life; but we also develop a sense of gratitude and purity.

4. Stillness cultivate gratitude.

A still mind and a restful body can take better decisions of life. When we pause even for a moment, and reflect upon everything that we possess at present; we can calm our habit of complaining. And we will release the fear of uncertainty, scarcity, and anxiety! With practice of stillness, we clear all the blocks that helps growing our "ego tower."

The more thankful we are towards our lives, the more satisfied we become!

And the more we practice stillness; even in between our busy schedules, the better balanced person we become. We can attract more positive energy while being calm, still, and silent. We can develop better imagination and understanding power, when we search our true self in stillness.

I would love to hear from you all - What helps you get still and quiet?

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