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Reasons Why Failing Makes You More Confident

"I’ve seen that failing has got me new wings of confidence and a great deal of learning, I’ll never get any other way. So I don’t fear failing anymore. " 

The fears of failure sabotage our confidence levels, and we start moving away from our goals. But what if I tell you that; “failing no way makes you a failure, but definitely a confident person!" This came from my experience. I was once nowhere, and by failing again and again in too many phases of my life; I accepted that- "I'm no good." More often than not it still tries to pop its head up to remind me- how many times I have failed in everything in my past? Failure is a very tough word; mighty enough to smack your confidence, and to bring down your faith on yourself. 

But don't stop just because you failed to do something once! Keep trying. Keep dreaming.

But you must be still wondering; why did I even say that, "failing makes you more confident?"
Yes, I'm coming to that!
Read on to know why?
First of all failing in something doesn’t tell you that you are not good at it, or you’ll never succeed? Failing is not a sign of weakness!
A very well-known actor and a comedian, Bill Cosby once said in his statement, “the desire to succeed must be greater than the fear of failure.”
But one of my favorite quotes is also the one said by Albert Einstein, “if you have never failed, you’ve never tried anything new.”
I believe our success completely depends upon realizing what we want to do, and why? If we are clear about the answers to these two vital questions, we will embrace failure without any fear.

When we are in our twenties, it can be hard to understand why are we failing? But fast forwarding my life in my thirties I understood that, “sometimes it’s good not to get everything that you ask for!” God had some beautiful plans for me, and (I know) I took this long to understand! If you don’t take a chance, don’t take a leap to get yourself out of your comfort zone and try different things; you’ll never know what you are good at?

When I failed in many attempts I decided, I will work hard. And I took a step back to understand where I was lacking? And how I can improve? I’m still working on my efforts to do much better, improve each passing day- I still fail, but I don’t give up!

Ever since I met my new-self; I decided that I must keep moving forward and release all my regrets and doubts, and must leave them behind me. I understood that there’s no use dwelling on them- I must explore every opportunity that is coming my way, and must try to shape my future. I can never go back and change my past, but I can definitely write my future; and I’m hundred percent confident about it.

  •    Even if you fail again and again- just don’t stop.
     Not trying at all is easier than failing. Isn’t it? But instead of living in guilt, throughout your life that you did not try doing something just because you did not want to fail- it is better to try and fail. And even if you fail, don’t let that stop you from trying! In the process of trying to achieve our goals, we will meet innumerable victories or defeats; but if we can overcome these hurdles to reach our “destination,” we’ll surely achieve success someday.   

         Don’t attach failure to your identity.

     Don’t think “failing” again and again makes you a failure person. Don’t attach your identity to being a failure in life! Just because you haven’t been successful yet, doesn’t mean you will never achieve success. Don’t personalize failure.

                 Failure drives us to change.

   Make peace with failure by accepting it. Readjust your focus and try to revisit your approach. Take ideas from the lessons and work hard to try it in a different way this time.
  I believe success must come with lots of learning and experience. Therefore it’s good if we don’t succeed in our first few attempts. The more we try, the more we become fearless and confident.

             Stop seeking others’ approval.

       Often our fear of failure is deeply connected to our fear of being judged and criticized. We worry more about what people will think about us, what will they say if we fail? I used to be like that! But if you give more power to others’ opinions and approvals, you will ultimately lose confidence in your ability to succeed. We will never be able to see how efficient and capable we are in achieving success in life! All we need to do is to drift away from such people and circumstances. Work in silent. Believe in yourself. And make it happen.


      Come, let’s break this stigma together that, “a failure in the past is always a failure!” I will try every possible way to make my dream happen, to be successful one day, and to be equally respected by them- who said, “I cannot achieve my dreams, my goals!


  1. Oh Epsita, this post couldn't have come at the right time. The few weeks have been very poor because I failed at something I've been trying so hard to avoid. Felt and still feel miserable, but reading this post has surely helped. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  3. Epsita... this is so truthful... the only way to eventually succeed is to go all in and fail... but then keep getting up and even if we fail 10 times in a row... we can still succeed one day... We need top believe in ourselves xox

  4. I've heard it said before: fail fast and fail often so you can pick up yourself fast and try again. Until you succeed.


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