Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How To Go Easy On Yourself While Creating Joy

Life often takes u-turn and dumps you back there- from where you had started to embark on a new journey for yourself- to find peace, joy, and pure happiness; where you never wanted to stay and wished not to come back there again! So what do you do in that situation? Start all over? This happens countless number of times. Isn't it?

Just when we feel everything has finally fallen in place, things start to fall apart. And we get busy putting the (scattered) puzzle pieces together, and this goes on and on. But this is how life is- uncertain, unpredictable, and harsh most of the times- but still beautiful.

Yet despite my best efforts, I find negative situation interfering frequently in my life, but I try to be kind to myself. You can be your best self when you know how to empathize with your self -being. There are certain things that's completely beyond our control; so just be easy with yourself. 
You're super fantastic.
Just Be You!

Our heart and mind can only take "little" stress a day. In order to deal with all kinds of emotionally debilitating struggle, be it marriage, parenting, job, career decisions, weight loss, health issues, or any other kind of trials of everyday living, we must first completely give up self-criticism, and replace them with the wings of self-encouragement.

Reach out and show more care and sympathy to yourself when it seems really hard to accept that, "life is a beautiful journey." Certain unexpected unpleasant interruptions (in life) will try to challenge our courage to stay calm and hopeful during those bad days; but you don't give up! Try to stay calm and reflect upon yourself. Stop judging and evaluating life as "good" or "bad" and simply accept things that come your way.

Life seems fair to them who can believe that there's more good than bad in each of our lives. 

Yes, there's a way to work through any conflicts that occur in your life- through mindful living every single day. Pay attention to what is working in life and what is not? What you can do to make that not- a yes-working journey? Identify the important "factors" that can make your life a wholesome satisfying awesome journey. Be more present by meditating. Be more focused by praying hard. Be more happy by counting your blessings. Be more fulfilling by finding your purpose to strive and grow. Be More and Do More- that should be our goal in life to create pure joy and inner peace.

Start today! And create a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.
Sometimes our absolute worst time of our life can get us to the "best" of what we have been waiting for! Nurture your mind or your creative spirit by feeding it right; by seeing the best things that life has to offer you; and by caring for how you want to see yourself in another year or two.

I have completely stopped blaming myself, my life, or my choices especially during the days when things get really ugly or unpleasant. I want to love everything about my life -good or bad.

Do you have more things to add on how can we be self-compassionate, and be more kind to ourselves in the worst days of our life? Then please leave me your suggestions in the comments below.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Decor Inspiration & Ideas-1

With the arrival of winter, I have started spending more time inside the house than being outdoor. I have always been really curious about finding decorations to add to all the rooms; not just to decorate, but also to keep myself motivated and happy all throughout the winter. So in today's post I will share some home/office/work space inspirations you can add to your rooms or "working spaces." How to create some inspiration in every corner of your house- that can speak to you, and that can fill your days and nights with joy and motivation?

Sometimes we don't need expensive items to decorate our house, or make it a 'happy place' to live in. I think decorations that are motivating, inspiring, or colorful can make beautiful decors'.  I also believe if we can hang more positive affirmations; and word reminders that can show the positive beautiful-side-of-life; are more precious than having expensive things.

Decide upon your "joy diet" you would like to include- whether you want to feel restful, cheerful, calm, creative, or chic. Design your room/space for bringing back your focus- that matters to you. We have often seen that what we see is how we feel! So include colors, inspiring words, and lots of greenery to your spaces.

Quite often our days are led by our thoughts. So bring in some inspiration that can provoke your thought process to do something productive and something really creative (if you're a creative person). "I remember how I like picking up my camera whenever my days feel gloomy and not-exciting. I am in a process where I am training my mind to see possibilities- in the dark hours of my every day life- when fear, anger, frustration, or guilt tries to keep me occupied. I am practicing to see the best in those hours- until I find back my happiness and smile."

                                   My Working Space ~My Desk

I have been willing to do more posts this month, as there's not much time left before I say goodbye to this year. I want to write more, and read more this year. So hopefully I will keep up with my words, and you will be able to see more posts this November. So please stay with me!

So what are your favorite decoration items in your house? How do you like to decorate your "work space"? Share your ideas with me in the comments below.

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