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The 'True Beauty' Revolution

Beauty isn't perfection.
Beauty isn't being attractive
Beauty isn't about likability
For me, beauty is about smiling all-the-time, every-time while shining out your imperfections. For me, beauty is accepting my core-self, that resides deep down inside my heart and not just on the surface. This is what makes me attractive and ever pretty. Because our inner beauty is the manifestation of the positive energy that resides within us and show it on our face. That sparkle is called 'beauty'. The sum of who you are- your thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams, feelings are the reasons and the forces that draws others to you.

It is the inner depth, inner beauty, the energy that makes you look the most attractive. Open your heart to be more kind and compassionate. In my journey of self-discovery and self awareness, I've understood that no matter how others look at me; I will never stop being kind and will never give up wearing a smile on my face- in any situation.

What if true…

The Power Within You

Changing ourselves to change the world.

Have you ever felt like you are tied down by your circumstances, and somewhere deep down you wish to escape all of these? We all long for that freedom: freedom to be ourselves, freedom to be how we are, and the freedom to be what we want to be.

Hello My Beautiful Kind Readers!
I missed you all.
I have lots to share before I start writing this post. But just now at 11:00 pm in the night I came across a very powerful quote from my favorite author Zig Zigler; that gave me back all my energy to feel inspired again, and now I want to complete this post before I go to sleep. Here it is!

We don't always need to compete to succeed in life. Just keep trying, keep improvising and give your best "performance" in life.

The power within us is very strong and very effective All we need to do is pause and listen to it. It has got the hidden resources to limitless abundance, lots of blessings and great value and happiness that we often don't …

My Thoughts on 'Acceptance'

August 20, 2018:

How hard it is to accept people, and to accept circumstances that are unpleasant and painful to us! But accepting is also liberating. I love the power within me that allows me to forgive people and to move on. I'm always grateful to God for giving me the courage to forgive people and to accept them as they are. Life is beautiful when you're able to accept something that has gone wrong. When you can still feel the goodness in those worst days, I'm sure you won't ask more from life! I have been practicing hard to look up, to look hard on the brighter side of every situation that shows up before me in disguise of a person or any incident. For me this learning has been all about acceptance and being at peace. Accepting has brought me happiness and peace. Open up to what is truly beautiful and important in life.

Acceptance for me is: "Being at peace, and finding my 'smile' back no matter what life throws at me."

I agree that some events th…

Feeling Inspired!

We, loveee inspiration. But why?
Do you feel inspired all-the-time or accidentally?
Do you always get to catch it when the inspiration appears before you, or it eludes you?
The most inspired stories are the ones that have been lived and experienced, felt and rejoiced.
How can you use the world as your inspiration?

5th August 2018

It was an amazing day. I couldn't stop myself from feeling motivated and greatly involved in feeling inspired. Inspiration is all around us, but all we need is to choose- to see things differently. When do you feel inspired? When something good happens to you? When you actually "find" yourself? Or, when you realize how well you have transported yourself to another level in your journey? I would say yes to everything! Don't just imagine but feel in real the greatness of yourself as an achiever. How far you have come in your life.

When I turn back, I see the timid, confused and frustrated me; but when I see myself now, I see a strong, positiv…

People Pleasing and The Awareness of Self

"When you aren't acting for self, you lose your identity, agency, and competency. You lose yourself, getting caught up in the urge to please others. This makes you susceptible to things like perfectionism, anxiety, and addiction. All of this because you're living as the person you think you should be for society, family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. You're left adrift because you've abandoned your inner voice, authenticity, and self. As a result, you start seeking fulfillment outside yourself. You end up dependent, relying on others' opinions of you to give you worth."

I could so well relate to these above lines from the book. How very often we get caught up in listening to others and doing everything they ask for- while sacrificing our health and happiness? Don't we?

Today's inspired post is about another fabulous book I received* for doing the review. It took me longer than usual to finish reading the book and to finally do this post…

The Importance Of Consistency While Chasing After Your Dreams

The fight between me and my dream is about consistency, willingness to show up every single day, no matter how busy I'm doing my responsibilities. The day I don't write or don't read, I feel a big disturbing wave of uneasiness and regret inside me.

For a writer, her/his thoughts are the unique empowering elements of how they see each emotions. The raw idea of a particular thought gives shape to some bigger ideas, solutions, and theories. And I'm afraid that I let go such important thoughts without contemplating the possibilities of their occurrence in my journey.
I can never give up my dream. It's embedded in my DNA. And so is in yours'. Isn't it?

"Consistency is not perfection," but the determination to not give up, and the promise to oneself to show up day-in and day-out even in small ways, taking small efforts towards our success.

I make sure I create the time because I enjoy working on my writing. Every time I lose focus doing my things, I r…

The Power of Waiting When You Don't Know What The Future Holds

I have so much I want to do, in my list. But I don't know which area of life to focus on first.
Do you often feel stuck? Do you feel like there's lot of things you want to do and achieve, but you can't see clearly what's ahead and how to get there? I've been feeling exactly this way from past few weeks! The thought of not making any significant progress had hit me badly. All I was doing was waiting- waiting each day trying to write few lines, to read few lines, and to make some progress. Waiting is good, in fact very good, but our mind is very uncomfortable with waiting.

When we look around, everything seems to be happening fast: fast success and fast results. And it is inevitable to overlook these success stories and wait for our future to unfold before us. It is so likely to feel the urge to take all the short-cuts or detours to reach our success.

In this fast moving society, it is hard to go slow, or to wait. We will find plenty of external voices that make us …

Everybody Has Their Own Version of 'Growth': This is Mine

We are all part of that "run." Run for growth. Run for success.
You can define growth as successfully climbing the corporate ladder, or starting your own successful business, or being the best in your life. But for me, growth has a new definition- it is a constant expansion, learning, and falling over and over to get up and grow. For all of us, we don't have the same definition of happiness; and therefore we are different in defining success as well!

I do not contribute to the world by working in a 9 to 5 conventional job. I do not bring home paycheck, because I do not have a career outside my home. But I see myself growing. Growing and comparatively evolving too- in a much better way than I was 8 years ago. I call it, my growth reflection. And I want to break it down to see how life has happened to me in all these years. If  at all I have felt the joy of "growing" from deep inside- this is how and why.


After I 'had' to let go my career as a wor…

What Does A True Friendship Look Like?

I'm going to be very honest here.
This is not my very favorite topic that I chose to write about today. I have had always trouble fostering a true friendship. And I still fear making new friends. Not because I'm weak or I lack something; but I fear my trust getting shattered again.

  Image Source
But by some stroke of luck and blessings, I have few wonderful friends in my life, whom I can reach out anytime. Life is "fun" and interesting when you have a bunch of "good" friends: to laugh with you, to motivate you, to believe in you, and to help you become better each day.

This practical real world doesn't understand deep connections. We are busy picking people who share same mind as us, and there's just no time for the real heart talk. But I believe in "true" connection, doesn't matter if I made that contact in the real world or in the virtual world! I want it to be true. To be authentic.

I remember when I was in my teenage years- when I…

Reflections on My Journey So Far: Self Worth

The end of the month/or the beginning of a month is the perfect time for doing a little self-reflection. Therefore I have decided to do one post featuring, 'reflections on my journey' every first week of the month. I want to take a moment here and share few insights and wisdom of how accepting and loving myself have transformed my life. How I have painted my life inside and out with authenticity, courage, and with gratitude- from ever since I started valuing myself?

I was excited (and little sad too) to retrace my steps and find a little more about myself, and my journey so far!

It was hard for me to accept that, "people surrounding my life didn't find me worthy, did not see me being blessed with some wonderful skills, and never noticed my talents." We all long for appraisals. Don't we? We share equal desires to we loved, to be noticed, to belong. I look back and realize that in my younger years I suffered from low self-worth. I always looked to others to ma…

3 Things I am Most Grateful for Every Single Day

How often did you feel like, "only if you could pursue something bigger and extraordinary, you'll be the happiest person on earth?"
Simply feeling enough; or blessed is a wonderful gift we can all give to ourselves.

We may not have everything, or the same things other people have, but we (each one of us) have countless number of other things to appreciate and enjoy. I was not at all surprised to witness something lately, "How "some" people have it all- yet they are unhappy to see others' growing and getting success?" Why do we find it so hard to accept that there's enough room for everyone in this world? We can grow, and let others succeed too! Why there is so much of competition, a mad race - to be and have it all?

Life is a gift.

We're all really fortunate in our own way. All we must do is, "recognize and value our "gifts"."

'Being grateful' is an observation, a deep realization, that we have many things to f…