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Awakening to Your Inner Awareness

Why are we doing what we are doing? Does that make you happy?
Are you living up to your true self?
Are you leading an authentic happy life?
These are few such questions that I like to ponder on every once in a while. I had never paid attention or felt it was necessary to ask such questions to myself- to find out who I'm or what I want to be? But gradually as I felt the need to know the answers to these questions, I walked backwards to query about my journey so far? I was curious to know if I had really made any changes to myself; or to my life?
A quest to know yourself, to find who you are is the journey of "The Shift." This book came to me as a reference read to match my answers (to above questions) to my real life. This wonderful book, The Shift by author Mo Issa is a must-read to know thyself; to find your inner awareness, and to see yourself rise while connecting to the spiritual being.

When I received this book for a review post*I was way too excited to find the wisdom a…

Vulnerability-The Need For An Authentic Life

Why do you think being vulnerable is so powerful?
I feel because, "it sets me free to be just me! I can just be myself without having to wear too many masks for everyone around me."
As Dr. Brene` Brown says, "Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage...When we shut ourselves off from vulnerability, we distance ourselves from the experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives and our work."

Embracing vulnerability is the first step on the journey to a wholehearted life. Vulnerability is a sign of strength, and not weakness. Being vulnerable may put us on a risk of being hurt, being judged, and being rejected; but it will also help us in opening all the doors of insecurities we have had been hiding behind- and stepping out (of our comfort zone) to be more strong and fearless.

In personal relationships, we are more attracted towards words like: trust, honesty, authenticity, and transparency. People feel more secure to connect with us from that open h…