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Vulnerability-The Need For An Authentic Life

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Why do you think being vulnerable is so powerful?
I feel because, "it sets me free to be just me! I can just be myself without having to wear too many masks for everyone around me."
As Dr. Brene` Brown says, "Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage...When we shut ourselves off from vulnerability, we distance ourselves from the experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives and our work."

Embracing vulnerability is the first step on the journey to a wholehearted life. Vulnerability is a sign of strength, and not weakness. Being vulnerable may put us on a risk of being hurt, being judged, and being rejected; but it will also help us in opening all the doors of insecurities we have had been hiding behind- and stepping out (of our comfort zone) to be more strong and fearless.

In personal relationships, we are more attracted towards words like: trust, honesty, authenticity, and transparency. People feel more secure to connect with us from that open honest space. They start to see the trust and equally engage to open their heart. Being vulnerable give us that powerful space to make the kind of connections we need to grow and feel better about our own self.

Displaying vulnerability will help people to connect with us on honest terms, without being afraid of sharing their limitations. When you understand why vulnerability is so important in the first place, you'll be more motivated to embrace it.

I remember why I started blogging in the first place! I kept doing it because I liked writing, it helped me vent, and led me to more opportunities. Even though just the thought of baring my failures, hurtful past, and my weaknesses in front of an unknown world of internet  gave me shivers, but I had to do it anyways! I wanted to share the possibilities of becoming a new better person- even after too many failures. And there was no better way than writing, to connect with like-minded friends and groups- who are waiting to see that spark in their life or career again!

Deep and genuine connection with oneself or with another human is what we all genuinely want! But that connection is only possible when we become strong enough to completely reveal layers of ourselves. Vulnerability is a journey of powerful transformation of our lives. And that transformation becomes authentic when we develop the courage to show up being real- just the way we are- good and bad, beautiful and ugly, successful after failing infinite number of times.

Cultivating authenticity and vulnerability in our daily life means showing up, saying no to all of the things you feel is wrong, speaking what is true in our hearts, and creating the courage to share our deepest emotions.

I'm currently reading two of such amazing books that talks about, "vulnerability being our strength, and not a weakness." Stay with me to read more about this wonderful book called, "The Shift"- that will take you to a new journey of self-discovery and inner awakening.

I hope the year 2018 bring the best in you and me and for all of us. Wishing you all A Very Happy and Successful Year 2018.


  1. I hated being vulnerable before, but over the years I've accepted that it was perfectly fine. You've great points here and thinking of it, you're so right. Thanks Epsita! Going to google that first book. looks like a good read.

  2. I adore Brene Brown and i agree, it's about letting yourself FEEL. I'm in recovery for anorexia and the refeeding process can often lead to a wave of emotions - feelings that starvation surpassed. It's terrifying at first, but you grow to understand its power. Its way of connecting you with the world again.

    Thank-you so much for this xx

    Bumble and Be

  3. I nominate you for the 'Mystery Blogger Award' , here you go ... I hope you join the fun xxx

  4. Interesting post dear! I'm a new follower :) Follow me back please?

  5. Interesting post dear! I'm a new follower ! Follow me back, please? Kisses Thanks!


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