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Stop Holding Yourself Back And Start Doing What (All) You Can Do

Growing up being a "zero" in almost everything had shattered not just my confidence level, but my internal belief system too! I was afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone, leaving my parents and family behind - and to sustain in a job. The flat out discouragement by everyone saying, "You're not good at this or that," made me assume that, I wasn't any good. And, that I can never do good in my career. I can never be an outstanding performer. I can never do my dream. Or, I can never rise above the level of my belief -system about my self-worth!" But today when I sat down to write this post, I had a lot of different emotions floating around me.

The journey from "I can't, " to "I can do everything I want to" hasn't been an easy journey. I had to always rely upon others' approval and appreciation. Bouncing back from rejections was very hard to start all over again- with new hopes and courage. I still fear rejections, but don…