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Freshen Up Your Home With Simple and Stylish Decor This Spring

It's March people! I'm already feeling so refreshed and motivated just to know that spring is almost here. I was feeling so amazing that I picked my camera (after a long break), and clicked many blog photos and my kids' pictures yesterday!

With spring coming our way, the very first thought that comes to our mind now is - spring- decorating the house, and or spring cleaning.

Home décor is something I love, love, love doing! I have always believed that your home is a clear reflection of who you are. I'm not a professional in doing the interior/decoration; but I love collecting ideas, tips, and doing certain experiments to make my home look fresh and inspiring.
I absolutely love the idea of redoing the spaces just by adding simple decors'. This not only brings refreshing vibes of comfort and relaxation, but equal level of thoughtfulness too!

"Our home should be our favorite place to be."

Lately, I have picked few of my favorite "accessories" to decorate my 'happy place.' I'm so excited to share with you through this post.

With spring coming our way, there's so much to do( in my list). The only thought that's coming to my mind right now is investing in some good indoor as well as outdoor plants, creating my garden with some seasonal flowers and veggies. I'm also excited to go out and find some bright color décor items, some inspirational posters,  more books to read and decorate, some inspirational stationery, and lot more things; that I will share in my upcoming posts. So stay with me!

Here's a quick cheat sheet of décor items you can plan to buy this spring:

1. Plants

Bringing the green indoor -to your house or to your office can add an extra edge to your room. I love the way they dramatically transform any space into a healthy motivating and welcoming room! Having plants in and around the house also help us to ease on the dull and bitter winter days.

The beginning of spring is the best time invest in some beautiful flower plans, in perennials, and in some indoor decorative plants too. In my next post I will share the kind of indoor plants you can look for!

2. Decorative Pillows

An easy and affordable piece of accessory to bring some statement to your home. Go for some soft patterns, or for some dark colors. Pick the ones that will match your furniture's design/style.

3. Books/Bookshelves

Books make a great decorating item in the house or in the office. If arranged in a creative way, they can also become an artistic statement too. Bring them to your coffee table or shelve them on a bookshelf, they will always make the statement piece in that room. Books also reflect your personality and define your uniqueness. This is also an easy way to add some flavors to your attitude. Be a book person and they will never disappoint you!

4. Coffee Tables

Invest in some great trendy coffee tables- that don't occupy too much of your living area or the space accessible to higher traffic in the house. Try going for some metallic styles, that should be equally pretty looking and multi-functional too!

. A beautiful painting or photograph or an artwork.

Adding pictures, frames, artworks, or any kind of word arts are a great way to create some inspiration or fun focal point in your 'happy' place.

6. Decorative accents

Look for some spring inspired patterns first, and then go find some unique pieces of accessories to make your rooms look unique and beautiful.

7. Accent chair

Invest in a modern-looking accent chair, or in an entryway storage bench. 

8. And lots of vibrant "colors" that can echo your sentiments and emotions.

Introduce spring to the home by adding some colors to every room. This is also an easy way to lit up your spaces, and to feel refreshed and alive again! Spring doesn't just indicate that winter is going away, or our days will be longer now; but it is also the best time to start something new. So let your home reflect your aspirations too!

Seasons are a great way to spruce up the interior designs. So add new colors, patterns, and experiment by adding new things to your home decoration.

Along with spring fresh interior styles, try rearranging the furniture quiet often. A new layout will make you fall for your cozy space again and again.


  1. You say that you're not a professional at decorating but I consider that a good thing, spaces decorated professionally never seem to reflect us and the things that speak to us as much as when we decorate the space ourselves.

    1. That's so true, Karen. I love when my space, my home can speak me- who I'm in person- my likes, hobbies, and passions :)
      Thank you so much for being here.

  2. Hello my dear Epsita, although you are for sure much more talented in decorating a house than I now I'm relieved that our house is full of book shelves :) Thanks a lot for your additional tips and I'm so relieved to read you feel so refreshed! Enjoy the spring <3 A big hug!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words, Dear. I am so happy to know that books have a special place in our house. I would love to see your collection of books too, as you're one amazing writer and fashionista.
      I'm so excited spring is here. Thank you for coming over to read my post and for leaving me a comment.
      A biggg hug:) <3


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