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How to Keep Going When Continuing Your Dream Seems Difficult

The process of pursuing what we want may feel discouraging at times, but we shouldn't stop! We have immense power in doing the "idea" we have visualized. All it takes is a commitment and self-trust, that; "no matter how unattainable it may seem to you, you will work towards it."

You stop growing when you stop trying. But just trying is not the key to your success; also believe and trust your instinct. "The more you do, the more opportunities open to you." We will be constantly knocked down by the fear of failure and rejections; but get up and reach for another attempt.

I was feeling down few days back by realizing that, "I'm not working hard (really hard) enough towards doing my dream, and time is running out of my hands. I have so much to learn, improve, and achieve; but there's hardly much time left! Achieving my dream seems far off at times. My determination and energy level keeps pausing; and ask me to feed them some more doses of confidence, self-trust, and hope -that it will definitely happen!! I understand that, to get on to the path we want, we must consistently take actions. So I like these clues when the universe comes together to send you such reminders that, "you're doing just great, do not give up now! Follow your heart, not your fears your doubts."

When we choose a path that seems uncommon, we allow ourselves to be in a constant threat of validations and approvals; and therefore we must find some motivations to keep us going.

Have you ever looked back on your life and felt wonderful by how much it has changed?

Here are few of the ways I try to keep going pursuing my dream:

1. Stop all kinds of self-doubts that distract you from doing what you are doing.

It is easy to get caught up in those self-doubt traps. Don't pay any attention to them. You have already outperformed by shifting yourself from where you used to be. You are much more better than you were yesterday.

2. Believe In Yourself. Believe in what you are doing. It always seems impossible and meaningless until it is done.

3. Do not believe what others tell you about your performance- judge yourself. Be the editor of your "work".

4. Never shy away from learning or improving.

5. Stop looking at how far your friends have gone in their life. Sometimes best things are experienced when you have the courage and patience to go slowly- different from the crowd. Follow your journey, and listen to your call!


  1. It's very hard not to believe others when they judge, especially if you have any self doubt to begin with, but you're right, it does not help us reach our goals.

  2. amazing advice, just what I needed to read! A very motivating article.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I really needed to read this as it's something I'm really struggling with right now and it's really comforting to know other people feel this way.


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