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Simple Ways To Add More Calm To Your Day

"At any given moment, you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end. " ~ Christine Mason Miller.

This amazing quote works as a motivator to remind me that, "I can control my life, and therefore must decide what I should accept and what I must let go- each day." With so many choices and opportunities, it is so likely to feel restless. We are always in a race to achieve and obtain more than others. And we spend all of our time and energy focusing on what we don't have rather than appreciating what we have. We are so occupied focusing on things we don't have- that we our self make our life miserable and  ignore everything that's happening right now! And we forget the true definition of happiness in our life- "that is; inner peace, acceptance, and mindfulness." In short, " happiness is not chasing success or working towards building a perfect life; rather happiness comes with accepting the truth of abundance of where we are at present."

When we are at terms with our mind and thoughts in a way that they align with our belief that- "appreciate life as it happens," we reduce our pain, and we stop agonizing over what we could have been! We feel aware of our present.

Building our inner-peace is a pretty much important task.

And it is not always possible to sit down to meditate or do yoga to stop those ripples of our wandering thoughts and worries. Whenever you feel you're losing your focus and wondering how and where you can be happy, just do this: "bring yourself back to the present, and look around- how life is unfolding itself to you. Look at what you already have, accept the joys and worries that's happening right now. Accept everything and make peace with them. I'm sure you'll be much calmer than you were before this thought hit you.

However if you still find it difficult to focus on being calm at a chaotic situation, just try doing these things:

1. Disconnect yourself from everyone and connect with yourself, your emotions.

 In a stressful situation, we try to escape into a fight or flight mode. We try to escape from a difficult situation or from an unpleasant emotion; but that's momentarily. Fleeing from difficult moments of your life won't get you inner peace. Life is full of uncomfortable moments, and there's no way we can avoid them. Therefore take moments off from everything and notice your breaths. Accept your emotions- good or bad. Feel the aliveness that's trying to show- how beautiful things are around you - even in the midst of chaos and worries.

2. Let it go, and respond calmly or not at all. The choice is yours.

Choose how you want to react to any kind of uncomfortable moments!

3. Remember, you CAN control the way you accept peace and joy in your life.

No matter where you are, how you are- creating joy and peace within yourself is possible. Just shift your worries and fill the space with gratitude and your blessings. An immediate realization of how best your present life is in many other ways can kick out your underlying pain, sorrow, and complaints.

4. Be patient and persistent.

Inner calmness is a state of our mind that we can learn to nurture through consistent practice. Be patient to validate your present self and remember that, "this too shall pass soon."

5. Stop agonizing over the little things.
Just know that, "you're not alone." Everyone is fighting some kind of battle you know nothing about.
Stop complaining, less comparing, and make a difference inside and outside of you.

As I write this, I feel excited for my life ahead- ready to accept everything that will come my way- every highs and lows. I want to clear the fog of self-doubt and hopelessness from my heart and reach for those unattainable quests- my heart desires to achieve. I have so much to learn and share with the world. I'm preparing myself to open my heart to the world.

Wishing you all A Wonderful Weekend.

Do share your thoughts about this post with me!


  1. I need to connect with myself sometimes to keep calm but it's the most part of times it's a really difficult work. I have to practise it more often!

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  3. The hardest part is just remembering to pull myself out of the cycle of worry or sadness and think differently. Once I do, everything looks so much better.

  4. Dear Epsita, the quote is indeed wonderful and so true! We tend to forget that we steer our live by ourselves and that it is up to us how we react and deal with situations in our lives. Therefore, I really love your post because every single word of what you wrote is true! Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a wonderful March so far!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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