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Everybody Has Their Own Version of 'Growth': This is Mine

We are all part of that "run." Run for growth. Run for success.
You can define growth as successfully climbing the corporate ladder, or starting your own successful business, or being the best in your life. But for me, growth has a new definition- it is a constant expansion, learning, and falling over and over to get up and grow. For all of us, we don't have the same definition of happiness; and therefore we are different in defining success as well!

I do not contribute to the world by working in a 9 to 5 conventional job. I do not bring home paycheck, because I do not have a career outside my home. But I see myself growing. Growing and comparatively evolving too- in a much better way than I was 8 years ago. I call it, my growth reflection. And I want to break it down to see how life has happened to me in all these years. If  at all I have felt the joy of "growing" from deep inside- this is how and why.


After I 'had' to let go my career as a wor…

What Does A True Friendship Look Like?

I'm going to be very honest here.
This is not my very favorite topic that I chose to write about today. I have had always trouble fostering a true friendship. And I still fear making new friends. Not because I'm weak or I lack something; but I fear my trust getting shattered again.

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But by some stroke of luck and blessings, I have few wonderful friends in my life, whom I can reach out anytime. Life is "fun" and interesting when you have a bunch of "good" friends: to laugh with you, to motivate you, to believe in you, and to help you become better each day.

This practical real world doesn't understand deep connections. We are busy picking people who share same mind as us, and there's just no time for the real heart talk. But I believe in "true" connection, doesn't matter if I made that contact in the real world or in the virtual world! I want it to be true. To be authentic.

I remember when I was in my teenage years- when I…

Reflections on My Journey So Far: Self Worth

The end of the month/or the beginning of a month is the perfect time for doing a little self-reflection. Therefore I have decided to do one post featuring, 'reflections on my journey' every first week of the month. I want to take a moment here and share few insights and wisdom of how accepting and loving myself have transformed my life. How I have painted my life inside and out with authenticity, courage, and with gratitude- from ever since I started valuing myself?

I was excited (and little sad too) to retrace my steps and find a little more about myself, and my journey so far!

It was hard for me to accept that, "people surrounding my life didn't find me worthy, did not see me being blessed with some wonderful skills, and never noticed my talents." We all long for appraisals. Don't we? We share equal desires to we loved, to be noticed, to belong. I look back and realize that in my younger years I suffered from low self-worth. I always looked to others to ma…