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Everybody Has Their Own Version of 'Growth': This is Mine

We are all part of that "run." Run for growth. Run for success.
You can define growth as successfully climbing the corporate ladder, or starting your own successful business, or being the best in your life. But for me, growth has a new definition- it is a constant expansion, learning, and falling over and over to get up and grow. For all of us, we don't have the same definition of happiness; and therefore we are different in defining success as well!

I do not contribute to the world by working in a 9 to 5 conventional job. I do not bring home paycheck, because I do not have a career outside my home. But I see myself growing. Growing and comparatively evolving too- in a much better way than I was 8 years ago. I call it, my growth reflection. And I want to break it down to see how life has happened to me in all these years. If  at all I have felt the joy of "growing" from deep inside- this is how and why.


After I 'had' to let go my career as a working woman; I decided to give all-my-focus to the family. Therefore I chose some unconventional path to fix the gap in my career. I found my long lost passion for writing and photography. I picked up pen and paper and a camera to win this 'career run'. I am still running and have a long way to the finish line, but I'm not stopping. I am just going slowly. But I know, I'll be there soon!


Everyone is free to make their career choices. But whatever we choose, it must help us to grow and improve and alongside excite us to do what we have been doing. It can feel scary to make certain decisions knowing that our future is uncertain; but we must be able to find our clear way in the process. Important is to see life in a more relaxed way, and not worry about all the anxieties of modern life.

Personal Development

This is to find out how our ideal self look like? What developments have we made in our core areas of self-being like: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and/or financial. Excluding financial growth from my list, I have taken a big leap in all other areas with respect to development and growth. I'm learning new skills to pivot my career, and that's why I'm staying connected to my purpose too. I no longer underestimate (the power of) my journey, and everything that I've learned from it. I have been harnessing all my newly learned skills that I have developed over years- to find the joy and to declare my dream and success.

I have been working on developing my habits to enjoy the small victories, by taking two steps back before moving forward in life.


Because it's never too late to learn new skills and develop your life- to become better, to develop your talents, to honor your dreams and aspirations.

Health and Happiness

Do you think we need to grow better in health and happiness too? Yes, we must.
Changing habits for better health is what reflects in our growth. Health is a very important factor that contributes to our happiness and success.

I have become better taking care of my health. I, now listen to all the signs closely. If something inside me doesn't seem right, I immediately go for a check-up. I learned that being healthy should feel like this: feeling more energetic all-the-time, and feeling enthusiastic to do more and be more. Doesn't matter if you're growing old each day, just don't forget to grow happy and healthy each passing day!

My happiness project started with anchoring my life into the present, and including more positive people in my life- who helped me bringing out the best in me, who believe in me, and who respected my dream, and who have been supporting me in my journey.


We can never experience happiness in life if we fix ourselves to thinking; what we could be or should be! We can only experience true joy and fulfillment by being who we are, because it's only available right now.

Our purpose isn't just to grow into the ideal, but also growing to love our imperfect selves- with flaws and faults, with failures and fixations, with highs and lows, with pain and scars, with tears and turmoils.

We must continue growing amid all fears and insecurities. Nothing must stop us from evolving into better human beings with good intentions and with the mindset that, "we are enough. We have enough. And we know enough.

Hope you'all are enjoying the warm weather. I'm way too excited and feel blessed to be reading 3 of my favorite books- that was long awaiting in my wish list. Stay with me to know more and to read their reviews.


  1. This is a good post Epsita... We all need to step back and take time to know what we want to do. I wasn't blogging for a long time... I was overwhelmed in my life and when I thought about writing, it was just another stressful thing... then I wondered if the words would come, I finally sat down at the computer and the works flowed easily, it felt good... I am really glad to be back and catching up with everyone xox

  2. Dearest Epsita, thanks a lot for your wonderful post! You can be so proud of you - you are a strong woman with a beautiful sense for the world. What you did after you "stopped" your carreer makes so much sense and I'm even convinced you grew more as you admit. Keep it up! <3
    A big hug and xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Such an inspiring post. Love this blog so much.

  4. Some good advice.
    Congrats on being in the ITB 2018

    1. Thanks a lot Haddock!
      Glad you liked it!
      Thank you for visiting. Stay connected.


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