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What Does A True Friendship Look Like?

I'm going to be very honest here.
This is not my very favorite topic that I chose to write about today. I have had always trouble fostering a true friendship. And I still fear making new friends. Not because I'm weak or I lack something; but I fear my trust getting shattered again.

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But by some stroke of luck and blessings, I have few wonderful friends in my life, whom I can reach out anytime. Life is "fun" and interesting when you have a bunch of "good" friends: to laugh with you, to motivate you, to believe in you, and to help you become better each day.

This practical real world doesn't understand deep connections. We are busy picking people who share same mind as us, and there's just no time for the real heart talk. But I believe in "true" connection, doesn't matter if I made that contact in the real world or in the virtual world! I want it to be true. To be authentic.

I remember when I was in my teenage years- when I ached more for company, the more isolated I felt; because I had to always depend upon people's approval to include me in their life, to make me feel I matter too! Growing up I realized a "strong" friendship requires a lot of investment: of time, attention, trust, hand-on-heart sincerity, and patience to make it grow deeper over time. It's never too late to learn to be an amazing friend.

So how do you know if you have built a deep-rooted friendship or connection? Look for  these signs that will tell you, that you have all the necessary elements of building an amazing meaningful connection. 

1. You and your friends stick together through your highs and lows.
2. You and your friends equally initiate and reciprocate your value of friendship.
3. You and your friends support, encourage, and motivate each other as an when required.
4. You keep your ego our of the boundary while sharing your experiences or opinions.
5. You forgive each other quite often and reconnect.
6. Your connection is never influenced or affected by either of your success, present status, or the kind of people you both hang out with, or due to any other kind of personal or social "elements".
7. You are closely connected because you like each other's company, and want to be together, you want to stay connected to one another.
8. You often encourage each other to continue doing your dream, and to become what you have always looked forward to.
9. You react calmly and more patiently when you differ on something.
10. More than anything you respect each other by keeping the secrets to yourself.
11. You're genuinely happy for each other's success without letting jealousy come your friendship way.
12. You feel safe and comfortable to bare all your emotions in front of them.
13. You accept each other just the way you are- no matter what different cultures or background you belong to.

Having supportive, honest friends can make a huge difference in our overall happiness. Do you agree? How deep and real are your friendship/connections? How do you evaluate them? Do leave me your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Stunning post dear, thanks for sharing :)

  2. With most relationships, the best way to judge them is by looking forward, seeing where they are going, but I think the best way to tell whether you have a true friend is to look back, at where you've been.

  3. True friendship is rare, but that makes it all the more precious. As you said, building and maintaining a friendship takes time and effort but it is worth it because true friends change's one life for the better!

    I have had a few bad experiences too and that makes me more cautious. You cannot trust everyone. Sometimes only time can show, if you know what I mean. Sometimes people change. If a friendship ends, it doesn't mean it wasn't true. Sometimes friendship need to end because we become different, we can all change with time and this reflects on our friendships as well.

    Lovely article, thanks for sharing.


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