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People Pleasing and The Awareness of Self

"When you aren't acting for self, you lose your identity, agency, and competency. You lose yourself, getting caught up in the urge to please others. This makes you susceptible to things like perfectionism, anxiety, and addiction. All of this because you're living as the person you think you should be for society, family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. You're left adrift because you've abandoned your inner voice, authenticity, and self. As a result, you start seeking fulfillment outside yourself. You end up dependent, relying on others' opinions of you to give you worth."

I could so well relate to these above lines from the book. How very often we get caught up in listening to others and doing everything they ask for- while sacrificing our health and happiness? Don't we?

Today's inspired post is about another fabulous book I received* for doing the review. It took me longer than usual to finish reading the book and to finally do this post…