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The Power Within You

Changing ourselves to change the world.

Have you ever felt like you are tied down by your circumstances, and somewhere deep down you wish to escape all of these? We all long for that freedom: freedom to be ourselves, freedom to be how we are, and the freedom to be what we want to be.

Hello My Beautiful Kind Readers!
I missed you all.
I have lots to share before I start writing this post. But just now at 11:00 pm in the night I came across a very powerful quote from my favorite author Zig Zigler; that gave me back all my energy to feel inspired again, and now I want to complete this post before I go to sleep. Here it is!

We don't always need to compete to succeed in life. Just keep trying, keep improvising and give your best "performance" in life.

The power within us is very strong and very effective All we need to do is pause and listen to it. It has got the hidden resources to limitless abundance, lots of blessings and great value and happiness that we often don't realize in our lives.

It's obvious that we can't do everything or achieve everything in life, but it is also obvious that it's never impossible. Try to find that spark within you that can challenge these impossible tasks.

Every time I achieve anything impossible, I see myself growing up stronger than I was.

We build our future by steadily landing on these weak and unsteady roads leading to our dreams. We are gifted with the power within us to evolve our way through everything we might face in life, and to eventually find peace and happiness once again.

Hope you find that power within you as I eventually found mine. And wishing you all a lovely weekend and  great start of December.

Will be back soon with another inspiring post. Keep visiting!


  1. Such a nice line written about flowers, and totally agreed with that. Thanks for sharing such nice post.
    xo Corina

  2. Dear Epsita, the quote is so true! And sounds like your life was not always easy for you in the last time but I see you are strong and you dealt obviously with everything with all the power each of us has. Thank you so much for this encouraging post! Yes, we never should compare ourselves and when we finally do something that first we think is impossible we get again stronger. Take care, dear Epsita and have a wonderful Christmas time.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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