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The 'True Beauty' Revolution

Beauty isn't perfection.
Beauty isn't being attractive
Beauty isn't about likability
For me, beauty is about smiling all-the-time, every-time while shining out your imperfections. For me, beauty is accepting my core-self, that resides deep down inside my heart and not just on the surface. This is what makes me attractive and ever pretty. Because our inner beauty is the manifestation of the positive energy that resides within us and show it on our face. That sparkle is called 'beauty'. The sum of who you are- your thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams, feelings are the reasons and the forces that draws others to you.

It is the inner depth, inner beauty, the energy that makes you look the most attractive. Open your heart to be more kind and compassionate. In my journey of self-discovery and self awareness, I've understood that no matter how others look at me; I will never stop being kind and will never give up wearing a smile on my face- in any situation.

What if true…