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My Insatiable Appetite For Books- A Love Affair To Remember

I've a confession to make!
I don't remember how the affair started!

But my love for books have been immensely deeply increasing with each passing day. I've found my soul mate, my best friend forever, and my family, in a book. I've found my wings of courage and freedom through books, and ever since that day I've been reading and buying more and more books. There are so many books in my library that I want to start reading, do re-reading, and want to add it to my library. My appetite for books is seemingly increasing and seems insatiable day after day!

I cannot share my love (books) with anyone. I feel if I share it with someone (give it to someone), they will not take good care of it. They will not love and care for them, the way I do for my books.

I feel a connection, and at the same time a detachment too! When I bring a book(s) from the library; and after reading when I realize it's time for me to return the book, I feel an ache inside me- the pain of detachm…

Follow Your Heart

"Do it with passion or not at all." ~ Rosa Couchette Carey
How many times have you heard this phrase, especially from passionate, positively enthusiastic dreamers? Yes, that's how they see their work and life. I'm just trying to follow their footsteps. I absolutely love following my heart- be it in doing the things I love, or allowing someone to enter my heart and 'territory'! Do not be at the place or with the person who doesn't value you; or treasure you.

When you follow your heart, you can never feel tired and uninspired. Doing the things that defines you is so natural. They become a part of who you are, your identity, and your sense of self; and our heart is a very good medium that connects us to what we love genuinely. When we follow our heart, we see possibilities and growth everywhere. Our life starts brimming with happiness, good health, prosperity, and bountiful joy.

I was born with a heart that had dreams and many wishes. And I'm all set to…

Ripples Of Kindness Continues: Kindness Is Magic

They say, "if you can't be the rock, be the ripple." And I'm just trying to be the ripple!
In order to bring a change around you, you must be the change first; so I'm trying to keep my kindness spirit alive. And nothing can be more motivating than learning from real people- what is their definition of kindness?

We look at life through our own personal filters: our past experiences, our innate beliefs and theories. But if we remove those lenses, we can have a better clear view of a situation, and we may discover some solutions to those situations we didn't see before! People are always fighting battles that we cannot see, so a little kindness can lift them up, can light up the darkness.

Spread love and kindness wherever you go! I have come to realize that what makes us special and unique is not actually our success or fame; rather our ability to be compassion, selfless, and kind. It is our ability to share the "good things" with people, will make ot…

Words Connect Us

Words can hurt. Words can heal.
Words can help. Words can deal.
Words can make you stronger or weak. But you must know how and what to tweak.

I love words and the magical impacts they have on us. Combined together these letters can reveal, heal, and can say so much more that nothing else can describe anything more! "Words connect us." Don't they?
I love how I can transform my thoughts into words and share them with you, unfolding the layers of my heart and mind. And writing gives me that privilege, that power to transport those emotions from my mind to your heart. And that's what true connection is all about! You hardly know me personally, but you all visit my page everyday and like my posts, leave your thoughts, your compliments; and we look forward to each other's warm support and connection. I love witnessing your visit to my little positive space every single day. It means a lot to me!!

We're so alike than different! We have so many similarities tha…

'It's Within You' Book Review

Have you been undermining your self-worth and feeling undervalued, empty, and angry from within? If yes, then I've a road map for you, that's going to guide you back from those rough confusing paths to clear known paths-from within. But do you have the courage to look inward and change?

I am way too excited to introduce you all to another amazing book called, 'It's Within You', combinedly written by author Dr. Ilene S. Cohen, and author Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein- is a definitive guide to living a life you create and direct- and not one dictated by others or circumstances, and it all comes down to one simple mantra- shift!

Self-worth comes from knowing that you're inherently worthy, just the way you are; and you don't need anyone's approval to make you feel valuable!

It's Within You is a simple guidethat teaches you- "to stop expecting others to change and to work on changing yourself."
I was super excited to read Dr. Ilene's second book; a…

Why You Should "Focus On The Bright Side" of Life

How do you gravitate towards the "bright side of life", especially when you are amidst challenges and not-so-happy moments?

While I was doing the chores today, this thought suddenly hit me, and I decided to sit down and write my thoughts immediately!

Looking at the brighter side doesn't mean absence of challenges, but a conscious decision to maneuver from  everything that is not working! And I decided to change myself rather than expecting everything around me to change.

One fine day I decided to not give-up to my circumstances. I learned about my profound power within to change the things inside me and not outside of me! How does this "bright side" echo to us? Moments like these:  "Finding your own sunshine, finding your calm in the chaos, do what makes your soul shine, be patient with yourself, be a better you, for you; step into your power?"

We do not have to look really far away

Tune in to your inner voice and enjoy more of yourself. There's …

Interview with 'The True Beauty Revolution' Founder Lily Chandra

In my previous post I had mentioned that I will soon share more about Lily Chandra, The True Beauty Revolution founder.  It is so important to love yourself with flaws, and I'm glad to connect with Lily- who is not just healing mind and body but also these deep rooted perceptions about oneself. Read more about this awesome project that takes you to the path of unconditional self-acceptance and will help in healing the root cause of low self-esteem.

Tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Lily Chandra and I work as an energy healer and intuitive. I have been working in my field healing people of health issues when doctors and specialists couldn't for over a decade now. My gifts were very spontaneous though I am very spiritual person. In May 2013 I channeled a method that can reverse aging using my hands. I can turn off the aging the gene in the body to reverse aging and take years off a person's age. I am based in Canada and share my gifts with the clients and help them li…

Ripples of Kindness: Kindness Matters

"Kindness is my strength, and it makes me unique and different."

Most often, being kind is viewed as a weakness, but kindness is a beautiful pure act, that cannot be faked. Kindness shows hope and care, and it shares a beautiful feeling about life. There's more positive energy that can be created by any act of kindness- even a simple smile!

Choose kindness over judgments
Choose kindness over rejection
Choose kindness over shame
Choose kindness over dishonesty and betrayal

Kindness has got a very strong ripple effect that can change a life,  and that can provide a warm shelter to all sufferings. As I begin with today's post, I want to share two of my favorite quotes [on kindness] from my favorite author and founder of Tiny Buddha, Lori Deschene.

Be the person who breaks the cycle. If you were judged, choose understanding. If you were rejected, choose acceptance. If you were shamed, choose compassion. Be the person you needed when you were hurting, not the person who hu…

Interview with Author Mo Issa

Today I'm extremely happy to finally share the interview I did with one of my favorite authors, Mo Issa. I still remember the day, I finished reading his book, 'The Shift' and did the review post! There was so much to learn about inner awareness and  the art of spiritual awakening from his book, and from his real life experiences. But I still had many questions for author Mo Issa and he kindly took the time to answer them all. You can visit his blog @  or you can connect to his Facebook page to read more inspiring articles!

1. Please tell me a bit about your journey of self- discovery?
I lived a life of chasing success and much of its symbols, on a path that had been set by my father and my environment. I plateaued and settled for a life of extreme comfort. I indulged in things I found exciting, though with time I’d get bored and move on to the next thing. I wasn’t completely fulfilled in life, but I wasn’t complaini…

My Interview On 'True Beauty'

I was so happy to see the email from 'The True Beauty Revolution' founder  Lily Chandra, in my inbox last month! I had this beautiful opportunity to connect with Lily and discuss more about our perspectives on 'true beauty'. In my next post I will share Lily Chandra's interview, where she talks about her program, her healing process, and her detailed view on true beauty- and how she healed many women, who were not-feeling confident about being beautiful! Stay with me to know more about this amazing healer.

Here's what I feel 'true beauty' is all about. My interview with Lily Chandra. You can also visit this link to read more.

Please tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m Epsita Mahapatra. My friends call me Epsi. I’m the creator and writer of, I am a blessed mom of two beautiful kids and wife of a wonderful husband. I love books, lipsticks, and decorating my home with the things that keep me happy and inspired all-the-time.

I am a write…

Tips for Living a More Happy Life Right Now- 'The Happiness Recipe'

"Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions." ~Dalai Lama

'Happiness' is something that happens while we are busy with our problems, while we are engaged in discussing our struggles, while we are busy looking at others' life. When we start making these small shifts, we can see and feel the happiness in our life!

Happiness isn't the absence of "bad" in life. 

"The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles." ~William Penn

I have been practicing over the years, "how to switch back to feeling calm and 'truly' happy, every time I'm laden with fears, insecurities, and unpredictability." The feeling of happiness doesn't last long, because it is triggered by some fleeting moments where we feel a stir of a good feeling for a brief moment. We must focus on those reasons that create those 'good feeling" moments for us, and that can be a; "a s…