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My Journey with 'The Positive Window'

Focus on your path instead of worrying about how far others have gone! Each one of us function with a different vision of life, so it is possible that we also  see ourselves differently down the line. Do not compare your life with others. Try best to keep yourself busy learning and improving every day and you'll be left with no time to feel those crazy emotions that are trying to distract you.

When I am not writing, I keep myself busy reading, collecting new books, playing my favorite musical instrument, playing with my kids, playing our favorite sports with my husband or Dancing. I want to complete my journey being an achiever, a giver, and as an inspiring woman. And if I focus on the negativity around me, how would I be doing this journey with a negative heart and clogged mind?

I'm learning to see myself as a warrior, a survivor of negativity and complexities that make us fall every time we try to stand alone, stand for some causes - people don't like to accept and chan…