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Tips for Living a More Happy Life Right Now- 'The Happiness Recipe'

"Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions." ~Dalai Lama

'Happiness' is something that happens while we are busy with our problems, while we are engaged in discussing our struggles, while we are busy looking at others' life. When we start making these small shifts, we can see and feel the happiness in our life!

Happiness isn't the absence of "bad" in life. 

"The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles." ~William Penn

I have been practicing over the years, "how to switch back to feeling calm and 'truly' happy, every time I'm laden with fears, insecurities, and unpredictability." The feeling of happiness doesn't last long, because it is triggered by some fleeting moments where we feel a stir of a good feeling for a brief moment. We must focus on those reasons that create those 'good feeling" moments for us, and that can be a; "a surprise you having been waiting from a long time, simply a hug, kind words, words of appreciation, or may be a promotion, or any kind of small success that means a lot to you etc. 

Yes, of course happiness is a choice or a decision. But our choices or decisions can go wrong too! So how do you think we can attain a sustainable amount of happiness for a longer period of time?

From our childhood to adulthood, the definition of "happiness" is different in every stage of our life!, because that's what we manifested true happiness to be! We must learn to adapt to the change, because everything changes- even our happy moments. Accept that change is inevitable! 

So what can we do to feel happy right now? How to stay happy in the moment?

Here's what I learned to do to feel the Here's what I learned to do to feel the happiness in the moment right where you are, right how you are!

Seize the Day/Moment

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." ~ Omar Khayyam

Absorb all the greatness around you- wherever you see it, feel it, or breathe it; and stir it with a dash of belief, positivity, and faith to see the best in the moment!

Whenever I see lots of "negativity" surrounding me, I distance myself from the chaos and engage myself in something that's pure and blissful. I cannot accept that's not me!

The feeling of happiness is," the consciousness of your soul, an effort to believe that there are lot of things we can do or feel to stay happy - consciously!"

Remember Staying Happy is Your Right!

"Yes, it's my lawful right to be included in this universe. I'm a part of this whole system," - repeat to yourself!  Accept your divinity, your power, and your ability to create your own reality. And to do this you must not feel powerless and hopeless. Empower yourself!

End the Day Feeling Grateful for Everything You Have Around You

Set an alarm or create reminders to instill the feeling of gratitude within you.  When you start taking charge and transforming your thought process through the practice of gratitude, it kind of helps you to take charge of your life through good decision-making. The gratitude alarm will help you to create balance and move forward in trust.  Pay attention to the daily gratitude calls.

Slow Down and pay attention to your present moment

The 'art of now' is not that hard to follow; just practice coming back to the present moment every time you feel lost in doubts and negative thoughts. I practice it this way: "When I feel I'm not in the moment and busy thinking about yesterdays and tomorrows, I try to stop myself right there and try to listen to my surroundings- like; who is present there with me, what are they doing, what are they talking etc."

I hope my 'happiness recipe' helps you find your happy ingredients too! Do leave me your thoughts :)


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