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Why You Should "Focus On The Bright Side" of Life

How do you gravitate towards the "bright side of life", especially when you are amidst challenges and not-so-happy moments?

While I was doing the chores today, this thought suddenly hit me, and I decided to sit down and write my thoughts immediately!

Looking at the brighter side doesn't mean absence of challenges, but a conscious decision to maneuver from  everything that is not working! And I decided to change myself rather than expecting everything around me to change.

One fine day I decided to not give-up to my circumstances. I learned about my profound power within to change the things inside me and not outside of me! How does this "bright side" echo to us? Moments like these:  "Finding your own sunshine, finding your calm in the chaos, do what makes your soul shine, be patient with yourself, be a better you, for you; step into your power?"

We do not have to look really far away

Tune in to your inner voice and enjoy more of yourself. There's more to life than just responding and reacting to all the critics around you.

"I want to live my life without stress and worries. I don't need to be rich or famous. I just want to be happy." ~Unknown

Stress and problems are the default errors that come with the gift of life. They are inseparable, and we must learn along the way; how to live with them. I took this long but finally was able to understand that, I must build an inner space where I can find calm when I'm in the chaos.

All the experiences I've learned in all these years taught me more about my capabilities than the acceptances. I never had to pretend that everything is fine or everyone around me likes me for being 'perfect'. It was always my imperfections and vulnerability that got me closer to many amazing people and relationships. They taught me to trust myself. And that, in turn, gave me the confidence to be myself.

The only way to look at the brighter/better side is while you're uncomfortable and nervous. We don't have to wait until things are fine. Instead, we start doing it, and the feeling of confidence will catch up. When you go ahead and try, your confidence will catches up as you build and learn. Do the thing that -scares you a little every single day- even if that means facing you "what-ifs". Go through the motions and your confidence will catch up with you, to move ahead and away from all negative scenarios.


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