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'It's Within You' Book Review

Have you been undermining your self-worth and feeling undervalued, empty, and angry from within? If yes, then I've a road map for you, that's going to guide you back from those rough confusing paths to clear known paths-from within. But do you have the courage to look inward and change?

I am way too excited to introduce you all to another amazing book called, 'It's Within You', combinedly written by author Dr. Ilene S. Cohen, and author Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein- is a definitive guide to living a life you create and direct- and not one dictated by others or circumstances, and it all comes down to one simple mantra- shift!

Self-worth comes from knowing that you're inherently worthy, just the way you are; and you don't need anyone's approval to make you feel valuable!

It's Within You is a simple guide that teaches you- "to stop expecting others to change and to work on changing yourself."
I was super excited to read Dr. Ilene's second book; and it is no surprise for me that this book is equally my favorite as the previous one [You can read about her first book here] and I'm happy to add this book to [my favorite books] the reread list!

Both the authors have shared many knowledge and insights into how to live within and improve our life by changing instead of expecting others to change. The book is an enlightening guide that gives detailed suggestions on how to maneuver life. I have so many favorite parts (in the book) that I could relate to, and I would like to share them all here. Do try to visit and read these "nuggets of wisdom" in the book. There's so much to learn and understand; one of the best books I've read to make true changes, and to learn about our worthiness!

1. Beginning Within[Pg 1]
2. Understanding Internal Worthiness[Pg 23]
3. The True You[Pg 29]
4. Gaining Self Awareness[[Pg 37]
5. Showing Up[Pg 59]
6. Owning Our Emotions[Pg 62]
7. Acceptance[Pg 73]
8. Anger & Judgment[Pg 76-81]
9. Your Influential Power[Pg 83,84]
10. The Benefits of Delaying Gratification [Chapter-8]
11. No Pain, No Gain[Pg 107]
12. Living Intentionally [Chapter-9] &
13. Master Your Inner World [Chapter-10]

I'm sure It's Within You will guide you  (as it did to me) to find those hidden treasures that makes you equally worthy and valuable! After reading the book I gained a great understanding of how I should manage my emotions and behaviors. It is also a very good reference guide for better understanding how to treat people and or how to respond them in a better way? The book gives all the necessary inspiration one needs to change their lives in order to better connect with the world around us.

If you get a chance grab this book and change your life. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of self- in a deeper way! The book is inspiring, enlightening, and insightful.

Do leave me your thoughts in the comment below!


  1. Hello,

    So lovely !


  2. This book is exactly what I need right now, so glad to have you introduce it to me.
    And, as always, beautiful pics in your post, Epsita.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this book review, you presented it so well...I like how this book focuses on selfworth....and it seems like a great read.

  4. Your book review is so interesting to read. What a great book full of motivation and encouragement!! Can't wait to read this book. Have a great weekend.

  5. Seems very interesting, I'd love to read it ^^

  6. very interesting post ! i loved this thanks for sharing!

  7. Always good to hear a good book review

  8. like this post dear :) would you like to follow each other?

  9. Sounds like a good and motivational read. Knowing our worth is definitely a must.

  10. h, really? It really seems very interesting! Great review!


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