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Words Connect Us

Words can hurt. Words can heal.
Words can help. Words can deal.
Words can make you stronger or weak. But you must know how and what to tweak.

I love words and the magical impacts they have on us. Combined together these letters can reveal, heal, and can say so much more that nothing else can describe anything more! "Words connect us." Don't they?
I love how I can transform my thoughts into words and share them with you, unfolding the layers of my heart and mind. And writing gives me that privilege, that power to transport those emotions from my mind to your heart. And that's what true connection is all about! You hardly know me personally, but you all visit my page everyday and like my posts, leave your thoughts, your compliments; and we look forward to each other's warm support and connection. I love witnessing your visit to my little positive space every single day. It means a lot to me!!

We're so alike than different! We have so many similarities tha…